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Rock Band Unplugs For PSP

Harmonix and Backbone are teaming up for a portable version of Rock Band.

This is Ampltude, in case you were wondering.
This is Ampltude, in case you were wondering.
Destination PlayStation 2009 is currently underway down in Arizona. This is a retailer-only conference where Sony slips some fresh details to store managers and other people involved in the sale of games. I suppose the thinking is that by giving out this sort of exclusive information to the retail sector, they get pumped and return to their stores and business primed and ready to push the PlayStation brand to their customers.

It sounds like the PSP is getting a sizable push at the conference, and the PSP version of Rock Band, titled Rock Band Unplugged, has been informally announced at the event. According to Primotech, which sounds like it's getting some leaked info from the conference, the game is being developed by Backbone Entertainment. It will feature tracks from Blink-182, Boston, Lit, Kansas, AFI, and more. It will also contain hooks for downloadable content through an online store.

The most interesting part is that the gameplay will be a lot like Harmonix's earlier releases for Sony, Frequency and Amplitude. Players will swap between different instrument tracks, complete phrases to trigger autoplay, and so on.

No release date has been confirmed, but expect it to hit this fall.
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