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Rockstar Tweets Some New Max Payne 3 Screens

Hey, guys, Max Payne 3 is still a game!

Rockstar Games would like you to know that Max Payne 3 is still a game that it plans to release. At least, that’s the message I’m extrapolating from a recent Rockstar Games tweet, which contains the words “he’s coming” alongside two new images of the titular hero of the series.   

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It’s easy to forget that this game is still in the works. After a stunning reveal in 2009 that showed off the grimier and much flabbier side of Max Payne, the project suffered several postponements. It was, at one time, set to release in the first half of 2010, though to be fair, this was the same year that publisher Rockstar and its sister publisher, 2K Games, released three big titles: Mafia II, BioShock 2, and Red Dead Redemption. Now, though, it's uncertain what the release window for Max Payne 3 actually is, and the publisher has, to this point, been more focused on putting out info related to L.A. Noire.

As for what these new screens show us, it appears as though Rockstar might be toning down the grizzled and broken look of 2009’s puffy Max. His chest and forearms are looking pretty good and that shirt? Dude is styling. Wouldn't want to get in his way, that's for sure.