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Roughly 900 Credit Card Numbers Exposed Via Sony Online Entertainment Breach

The years-old database contained data for mostly expired cards. Horray?

 "Ha ha. Wait, cards from 2007? Only ha, then."
Sony's security woes continued yesterday when Sony Online Entertainment announced a security breach at the same facility that housed PlayStation Network's recently compromised database. 

The MMO developer said the personal information of 24.6 million accounts were exposed, in addition to 12,791 non-US credit or debit numbers with expiration dates--but not security codes. Data compromised included name, address, email address, birth date, gender, phone number, login name, and hashed password. 10,740 direct debit records from Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Spain were also accessed.

In mildly "positive" news, SOE has revealed this morning that most of those were actually expired cards. Only 900 of the nearly 13,000 exposed were active cards, meaning most consumers are not at risk. The database accessed was reportedly from 2007, explaining how so many of the cards have expired.

Like PSN, SOE does not believe its main database was or is at risk.

"There is no evidence that our main credit card database was compromised," reiterated the company in a statement. "It is in a completely separate and secure environment."

It's been quite a ride when that's considered positive news.

With PSN still down, PlayStation 3 users are still unable to access SOE titles like DC Universe Online.
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