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Rumor: Raven Software Working On New James Bond Game

Singularity 2? Pfft. This is where the money is at.

Here's a fun rumor. According to a report from James Bond fansite M16, Raven Software is behind the helm of a new stealth-oriented James Bond title... for the second time.
Initial work on this Raven-developed Bond game apparently kicked off as a separate team at the studio finished up work on Singularity. The Bond team wouldn't see their game finished, however. MI6 says Activision put the breaks on the project and assigned the team to a "series" of map packs for BLOPs, following the fall of Bond studio MGM. Now, in light of recent news that MGM's bankruptcy plan has been approved, Activision is letting the Bond team continue its work on this supposed Bond project. It's left unsaid, but we suppose those map packs have since been finished, which would seemingly make this possible (provided this rumor is true). 

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As you may remember, Bizarre Creations produced the last Bond title, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, for Activision. Activision has since decided to "explore its options" regarding the studio's future

MI6 doesn't have any other details about this title. And, unfortunately, with these kinds of rumors, it's highly doubtful we'll get a person to come out and say "yes, this is all true and here's more information," so don't expect to hear much else for a while. However, since MI6's report broke, an animation reel from ex-Raven animator Hanjin Song containing footage from this supposed Bond game was uncovered. One clip in particular has a very Daniel Craig-like avatar jumping out from behind a wall and breaking a soldier's neck, ninja-style. That seems to line up nicely with what MI6 is reporting.