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Rumor: Slant Six Games Working On A Multiplayer Resident Evil Title

Listen, I know it sounds crazy, but Capcom HAS been giving Western devs a crack at some of its biggest franchises.

Kotaku has received documents indicating that Slant Six Games, the creators of a few PSP SOCOM titles and the last SOCOM for the PS3, are developing a "team-based" Resident Evil title under the supervision of Capcom. These documents contain no other details about this supposed RE title in development, but they do put a (slightly silly) name to the project: Resident Evil: Raccoon City. 

True or not, this feels like a natural move for Capcom. The publisher has been putting recognizable franchises in Western studios' hands for a good while now. GRIN spit out a few Bionic Commando games before it folded, Blue Castle Games built Dead Rising 2, and Enslaved creator Ninja Theory is currently at the helm of a Devil May Cry reboot.  

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== TEASER ==As Kotaku points out, Slant Six isn't talking publicly about who it's working with on its next title. On its blog, the developer has written that its next project is being built with a "new publishing partner" and work has started on a "world class franchise." Earlier in March, Slant Six sought out a Japanese translator and interpreter, while LinkedIn profiles of Slant Six employees back up the multiplayer angle, as the developers are listing their latest game as a "multiplayer action game."

Is this the real deal? It's hard to tell. Capcom, understandably, isn't commenting yet, and Slant Six (at this moment) hasn't been saying much either. But while this rumor smells strange, the pieces at least seem to fit. Perhaps we'll finally be able to run and shoot in an RE title, eh?