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"Scissor Lifts Are Always Oscar Mike"

A little holiday cheer from some dudes we know.

From the mailbag...

Hey fellas,

Ben and I were sporting the Oscar Mikes around 38 Studios today explaining to everybody how awesome we were for getting all 69 stars in Spec Ops. When posing for the attached e-card/"celebrity" endorsement, we felt the scissor lift was a more appropriate holiday symbol for the background than say, a christmas tree.  Scissor lifts are always Oscar Mike. Let's see a tree take down 10 juggernauts in Favela!

Happy Holidays!

Rich and Ben

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Thanks go out to Ben and Rich for sending in this impressive Christmas card. Yes, this means that those Oscar Mike shirts are currently in the process of shipping, and some of you may have even received your shirt already. If you haven't ordered yours yet (and you or someone you love wears a size small), there's still time to get in on this limited engagement, but once they're gone... they're gone. No reprints, no reissue! Limited! Edition!
Also, I think this confirms the rumor that 38 Studios is working on a massively multiplayer scissor lift simulator.
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