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Shadow Complex DLC A Possibility

Also, is it just me, or has this game totally exploded onto the scene all huge-like?

How about a waterskiing minigame? 
How about a waterskiing minigame? 
Gamasutra's Christian Nutt has a quick article up on the possibility of downloadable add-ons for Chair's recently released Xbox Live Arcade game, Shadow Complex.

The answer? Non-committal, at best. But when asked, Donald Mustard had this to say...

When Gamasutra asked Mustard about such a possibility, he hesitated, thought, and replied, "Man, you're going to make me tip my hand too much." 

Public relations interceded and suggested he didn't have to answer the question; Mustard added, simply: "I think that's a really compelling idea -- how about that?"

 ...that sounds a lot like a "yes" to me. Of course, a developer finding something "compelling" doesn't automatically turn into additional content... but there are plenty of signs out there that Shadow Complex is proving to be extremely popular right out of the gate. Anecdotally, over 40 percent of my friends list has played the game.

But if you're interested in numbers that are slightly more meaningful, how about this: 3,431 of the Giant Bomb users who have synched up their Xbox Live accounts with our achievement system have already played the full version of Shadow Complex, which was officially released yesterday. To give you some perspective, Madden NFL 10 (released last week) has 798 players. 'Splosion Man has earned 3,133 players in the weeks since its release. At this rate, Shadow Complex will catch up to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (5,339), like, tomorrow?

So, yeah, I think doing some additional Shadow Complex stuff might be a good idea. People seem to be interested in it.
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