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Sid Meier's Civ V Coming To The Mac 'This Holiday'

Not unexpected, but very welcome. I hate using Boot Camp.

Aspyr Media would like you to know that it's putting out a Mac version of Sid Meier's Civilization V in the near future. It doesn't, however, want to let you in on the specifics just yet. A shame, I say. A man should be entitled to know all about a game that has the potential consume his waking and sleeping hours.

Here's what we know so far, courtesy a press release. Aspyr insists that, when released, Civ V Mac will provide a "native experience." We'll be able to see if this is the case at some point "this holiday." And when the game does hit shelves, it literally will--there will be boxed and digital versions, according to the Aspyr blog. "The game will come in both boxed and digital flavors, both of which will be available for preorder in the next few weeks at and other retailers," the Civ V post reads.

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There's been no word if this version, which will presumably hit after the PC edition of the title receives its first two bits of DLC, will include that extra content or will ship with any patches that may be released for Civ V for PC beforehand. There's also been no mention of specs, though these platform-specific images might give you a good indication as to if your Mac can handle the game:  

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