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Skyrim’s PS3 Lag Getting Addressed This Month

1.4 patch coming sometime later this month, but details remain murky.

I haven't been playing the PlayStation 3 version, so keep being vocal about your experiences.
I haven't been playing the PlayStation 3 version, so keep being vocal about your experiences.

Even though Giant Bomb awarded The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as 2011’s Game of the Year, it came with a very specific caveat: it didn’t apply to the PlayStation 3 version.

On Twitter, the official Bethesda account told one concerned user the lag problems associated with the PS3 version of Skyrim would be addressed in the 1.4 patch “planned for this month.”

@ElderScrolls @nvidia @Bethblog What about PS3 Lag ?????

— denisvj (@denisvj) January 9, 2012

@denisvj we're addressing that in the 1.4 update planned for this month

— Bethesda Blog (@Bethblog) January 9, 2012

The PS3 experience remains a troubling one, and that consumers have gone months without some major issues getting addressed remains completely ridiculous. Thankfully, at least one problem should be ironed out this month.

Other PS3-specific quirks should hopefully be coming in this 1.4 patch, which hasn’t been officially outlined yet, but was discussed in early December, in response to fans demanding more details.

“While the 1.2 update fixed the long-term play issues for most PS3 users, we are aware that is not the case for some,” said the company. “We’ve been reaching out to a number of those users to collect save games, so we can take a look at their specific issues. Right now we know it’s not one thing, but a combination of smaller ones that some folks are seeing, but others are not.”

“These fixes are not in the current 1.3 update that is in final testing, but will be in future ones,” it continued. “We understand how frustrating it can be when your game is having issues, and we thank all of you for your continued feedback and patience. Rest assured we take your gameplay experience seriously and will continue working on this until it’s resolved.”

That doesn’t really help the players who’ve been waiting since November, though.

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