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Sledgehammer Games Working On Call of Duty "Action-Adventure"

Also, Treyarch's officially up this year.

 Glen A. Schofield - The new face of Call of Duty?
 Glen A. Schofield - The new face of Call of Duty?
"Jason West and Vince Zampella are no longer with Infinity Ward." That's the official statement from Activision about yesterday's dismissal. That line is buried in a press release focusing on the future of the Call of Duty series along with these other things:


One Vincent Caravella, when presented with this information, immediately said "so, they're making God of Warfare?" But you can hear that for yourself on tonight's podcast.

Additionally, Activision is forming a new business unit around the Call of Duty franchise to combine resources and bring to COD "the same focus seen in its Blizzard Entertainment business unit." But so far, all of this is starting to sound more like Guitar Hero circa 2009 than anything Blizzard's been doing lately. 
Editor's note: The original version of this article misinterpreted the releasse to mean that Sledgehammer's COD game would be released in 2011. No release date for this product has been announced. Giant Bomb regrets the error.
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