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Snoop Dogg Coming To Rock Band

Snoop and MTV tie-up for all kinds of different business, including an interactive stop in Harmonix's music game thing.

Hands up, who likes popcorn??
Hands up, who likes popcorn??
Snoop Dogg has partnered up with MTV for a multimedia deal that will cover all kinds of different products. Primarily, his next album, Malice in Wonderland, will be released through MTV. He'll also get his own new variety talk show, Dogg After Dark, which begins its run next week and will produce a whopping seven installments. Man, seven weeks? It's like he's going after Law & Order or WWE Raw or something in an attempt to have the longest-running show in the history of television. Anyway, on that show, he'll be backed up by his live band, the Snoopadelics.

The Rock Band tie-in is really only a blip in release. Here's the relevant portion:
In addition, songs from Snoop Dogg’s impressive catalogue of hits will be released on MTV’s hot-selling Rock Band® music video game platform.
Back catalog hits from Snoop could be a fun addition to the game, but probably only if you're rapping. Of course, the versions of his classics that he's done with his live backing band might provide slightly better fodder for the Rock Band experience. We'll have to wait and see what The Doggfather does next, I guess. I bet it rhymes with "smoking marijuana."
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