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SOCOM 4 Shipping With "Pro" Voucher (See: EA Online Pass)

Players who purchase new get access to exclusive multiplayer modes and features.

Zipper Interactive is dropping its own Project Ten Dollar-like hook into brand new copies of SOCOM 4. As announced on the official PS blog this morning, each new copy of the shooter is shipping with a one-time redeemable voucher that grants owners “SOCOM Pro” status. With it, users will receive “exclusive” access to Pro custom ranked queues that’ll be updated “regularly over the entire lifespan of SOCOM 4” and two guns: the ever-popular AK-47 and the M-16 for insurgents and spec ops respectively. 

More content exclusively for Pro users is in the pipeline. In the post, Zipper confirms that “exclusive” multiplayer maps, “various” co-op add-ons, and dedicated leaderboards will be part of the deal, too.  

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The Pro pass is, in some respects, similar to Electronic Arts' vouchers. Using Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, the pass granted users access to some free DLC and other content. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the pass gave players "VIP" access, which translated to exclusive maps and guns. Zipper appears to be taking a similar route: no matter what, owners can play multiplayer, but without a pass, users won’t be privy to some game types, weapons and other features (i.e. "pro" custom game queues).

Of course, if you find yourself without a pass after the game releases (i.e. you picked up a used copy of the game), you’ll be able to buy one from PSN starting on April 26. The price? $14.99.     

SOCOM 4 launches this week for PlayStation 3.