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Sony: All you Need

The top trailers and announcements on Giant Bomb for Sony.


Here's a handy bullet-point list of all the trailers and announcements coming out of the Sony camp. We'll update this page regularly with the best stuff they release this week. 

Top 10 Trailers/Demos

Sony Bullet Points

  • PSP Go! is Sony's new handheld. It will cost $249.99 and be wifi enabled with a 16 GB flash drive. You'll be able to direct download games, movies and TV shows onto the device. It is 40% lighter then the original PSP unit.
  • Gran Turismo PSP will be a launch title for the PSP Go!
  • Big releases for the PSP Go! include Resident Evil and Metal Gear: Peace Walker. Peace Walker is a true sequel in the Metal Gear franchise and will be set in the 1970s.
  • Sony is working on a motion control device that while still in the early stages, looked like it might be stiff competition for Natal.
  • God of War III was presented through a gameplay demo that looked pretty epic. Certainly the bloodiest game yet.
  • The Last Guardian is a new PS3 game from the maker's of Ico. It includes a Bird/Dog/Rat creature. Hard to explain :)
  • Final Fantasy XIV was announced and will feature some online components. It, unlike XIII, will be a Sony exclusive title.
  • Assassin's Creed 2 was shown with gameplay. Involved some high flying action in DaVinci's flying machine.
  • Rockstar North is working on an exclusive title for the PS3 named Agent. Not much is know.
  • You'll be able to download Final Fantasy VII on PSN.
  • ModNation Races is a PS3 kart game that allows you to build virtual tracks and share with friends. Think LittleBigPlanet for racing.
  • Sony will still continue to support current PSPs.
  • An Uncharted 2 trailer was shown. It included a pretty impressive fight with a helicopter.
  • MAG was demoed for the second E3 in a row. This time live with a 250 person game being played. It is due "This Fall"

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