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Sony Catches Price Drop Fever, Drops PS3 Price to $249

Global price drop brings system down to the same price as PlayStation Vita (minus 3G support).

Now only $249!
Now only $249!

It's been rumored all morning, and Sony just confirmed it: The price of the PlayStation 3 has just been reduced globally. Effective immediately, the PS3 hardware will retail starting at $249 in North America, ¥24,980 in Japan, and €249 in Europe.

This actually brings the price of Sony's current-generation home console in line with the base model of its upcoming handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, which will retail for $249 in its wi-fi only model. The 3G supported model will release at $299.

Again, this price drop takes place as of right now, so if you happen to go to your local retailer and find the console still at an old price, feel free to raise a stink.

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