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Sony Confirms Vita Launch Lineup

25 games available on Day 1 with 10 more listed as "launch window" releases.

Sold. I suspect I'll hate myself almost immediately afterwards, but... sold.
Sold. I suspect I'll hate myself almost immediately afterwards, but... sold.

As part of my efforts to keep the data looking A-OK on Giant Bomb, I've recently been digging through press releases and retailer sites in an attempt to figure out what, exactly, is launching alongside the Vita when it hits North America next February. The bits and pieces out there weren't great or conclusive, so I'm a bit relieved that Sony decided to make it somewhat easier by posting a list of confirmed launch day and launch window releases over on its official blog.

Here's the lowdown:

Launch Day Retail Games

These balls are not available in stores.
These balls are not available in stores.

While some or all of those games will also be available for sale digitally through the PlayStation Store, there will also be a few launch games that are digital-only. Which ones, you ask? Well, how about...

Launch Day PSN-Only Games

And, lastly, these are "launch window" games, which I take to mean as games that absolutely won't be available on launch day, but should be available soon after. Sony simply doesn't specify what sort of timeframe it's referring to. Retailers are listing launch day (or pre-launch day) dates for most of these games right now, so we'll have to sit on our hands and wait to figure out what's up with these games, as some of them were originally slated for launch. Maybe they'll still make it out in time?

Launch Window Releases

It's very interesting (to me, anyway) to see Ridge Racer not in the Day 1 column. Maybe the US version won't just be some sort of three-track rip-off like it apparently is overseas? Pricing details, or at least a range of prices, were also briefly discussed. Each of the games listed above will fall somewhere between $9.99 and $49.99.

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