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Sony Motion Controls Coming to Resident Evil 5, LittleBigPlanet

LBP to get a patch, RE5 to get a whole new edition next year.

Though the Sony keynote was a bit of a bust for information-hungry game fans, the press conference the company ran shortly afterwards had a bit more meat to it. According to liveblogs from G4 and Kotaku, Sony made a few key announcements during its press conference. For starters, Gran Turismo 5 is now on for March 2010, at least in Japan.

But the more interesting portion has to do with Sony's motion controller. Set to be released in the Spring, the motion controller will be usable with LittleBigPlanet. It sounds like a patch is going into LBP that will add a point-and-click sort of option. Maybe this'll make level editing easier while adding some Super Mario Galaxy type of cooperative play?

Resident Evil 5 will also have motion controller support, but this won't be a patch. Instead, it'll be a whole new release known as Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut. Capcom's Jun Takeuchi was on stage to debut the new version of the game, and those on-hand seem to universally describe it as similar to the Wii release of Resident Evil 4.

A voice actress from Resident Evil 5 recently made comment about going back in to record new dialogue for an RE5 update, so it seems safe to assume that there will be more to this update than control changes.

Weirdly enough, Sony opted to not offer a live translation of this press conference for English speakers, so some of the coverage out there right now is a little dicey in spots. The liveblogs at Kotaku and G4 seem to be the most together of the lot, so give them a look for more details.

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Avatar image for jillbsaa
Posted By jillBSAA

it is ps3 only shame because i am an xbox 360 and wii owner looks like i wont be getting it then :-(
Avatar image for regularassmilk
Edited By regularassmilk


Avatar image for andorski
Posted By Andorski

So I'm assuming that there will be a way to navigate through 3D worlds with Sony's motion wands?  Like a analog joystick on the control, or a Nunchuck-like attachment?

Avatar image for media_master
Posted By Media_Master

I'll hold out for the directors cut of RE5 because RE4 motion controls were nice, so ps3 motion controls should be VERY nice.

Avatar image for meteora
Posted By Meteora

I apologize for my ignorance, but how can the motion control work well for moving around or turning your character around? I'm confuzzled about how that will work.
Also GT5 in March 2010! Well, in Japan that is. I kind of hate it when games are released regionally or locally in one place then you have to wait for how many damn months before its shipped overseas. I don't have to do much waiting since I don't even have a PS3 though.

Avatar image for akeldama
Posted By Akeldama
@WilliamRLBaker said:
" Why? the sixaxis motion controls blow... "
where in that keynote did you see sixaxis?
Avatar image for funexplosions
Posted By FunExplosions

Mmm Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut. I like the sound of that.

Avatar image for meatsim
Edited By MeatSim

I don't need anymore Resident Evil 5.

Avatar image for rhcpfan24
Posted By RHCPfan24

A rerelease of Resident Evil 5? No thanks, I found the first one underwhelming already.

Avatar image for ajayraz
Posted By AjayRaz
@skrutop said:
" If you swipe the controller from left to right, does it give Sheva a backhand for using all the health sprays? "
i am liking this idea 
Avatar image for dfill450
Posted By DFILL450
It won't. its just an add on to compete with the wii probably. and natal
Avatar image for ninjakiller
Posted By ninjakiller

I never play my Wii, so If the motion controls become ubiquitous on PS3 I'll never play it either.  I'll just become a PC gamer again.

Avatar image for citizenkane
Posted By citizenkane

I'm not sold on Sony's motion controller.  Probably because I don't care too much for the Wii's controller or motion controllers is general. 

Avatar image for claude
Posted By Claude

Man, I can just taste Tiger Woods with this device. Yeah, tastes good.

Avatar image for shabs
Edited By Shabs

It's pretty cool they are rolling this out so soon, but honestly, I prefer a controller.
For example, Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Galaxy are extremely well put-together games, but I barely ever touch them because I always opt for 360.
This looks cool the same way Natal looks cool, but I don't know if this generation is when people are going to switch over to a new control scheme for their main HD console.

Avatar image for killroycantkill
Posted By killroycantkill

Does this mean that the new RE5 will have the same trophies again? The ones in RE5 wern't that hard to get platinum in... hmmm might rent it to get achivments twice.
Avatar image for bigandtasty
Posted By Bigandtasty

LBP sounds alright. RE5 director's

Avatar image for willy105
Posted By Willy105

The revolution continues.....
To think a few years ago, they were laughing at the idea of motion controls.
I myself don't like them being implemented mid way thru a console generation. The Wiimote was so successful because it was the standard way to play. Natal and the Wand are just add-ons.
They will have to go full force on this, or it's future is debatable. At least until next-gen.

Avatar image for bubahula
Posted By Bubahula

jeff has a wii. this is odd

Avatar image for skrutop
Edited By skrutop

If you swipe the controller from left to right, does it give Sheva a backhand for using all the health sprays?

Avatar image for afroman269
Posted By Afroman269

Seeing on how I have the 360 version of RE5, they would have to at least put in more content into the director's cut edition like they did with the wii version of RE4, then I will most likely pick up the copy.

Avatar image for arbitrarywater
Posted By ArbitraryWater

Ugh. So RE 5 Directors cut is a new disk and possibly a PS3 exclusive. Pass.

Avatar image for radion_null
Posted By radion_null

I just wonder what the pricing wil be for this thing. $55? $70 bundled with the Eye? I also wonder how the Eye and motion control tech will impact game performance as I remember reading that the tech requires quite a bit of memory from the Cell SPUs.

Avatar image for cynical_gamer
Posted By Cynical_Gamer

Having to hold the DS3 one hand and the dildo wand in the other to use it is instant fail.

Avatar image for jeffgoldblum
Posted By JeffGoldblum

Waggle controls coming soon to your PS3!

Avatar image for posableactionfigure
Posted By PosableActionFigure


Avatar image for kohe321
Posted By Kohe321

Huh cool, but I don't think I'll play LBP with it.

Avatar image for wintersnowblind
Posted By WinterSnowblind
@xyzygy said:
" Great, now LBP will be even more clunkier to play :P "
Low blow.
It's the physics that did it for me, not really the controls.  I don't really see how motion controls would make it much better or worse really.
I think they'd be good for creating the actual levels, but it seems a bit unncessary.  Feels like they've tacked it on just for the sake of it, just so Sony can say more games support it.
Avatar image for metalgearsunny
Posted By MetalGearSunny

I can't imagine playing LittleBigPlanet with motion controls. That game is strictly a platformer.

Avatar image for parsnip
Posted By Parsnip

RE5 extra content is no doubt similar to extra Ada stuff in some editions of RE4. Probably a Jill thing.

Avatar image for c1337us
Posted By c1337us

Motion controls would probably get me interested enough to get back into LBP again but I won't be rebuying RE5 unless there is some series new content involved.

Avatar image for get2sammyb
Posted By get2sammyb

RE5: Wii Edition sounds really neat. I loved the RE4: Wii Edition.

Avatar image for yagami
Posted By yagami

Sweet!! Can't wait to get the RE5: DC.

Avatar image for xyzygy
Posted By xyzygy

Great, now LBP will be even more clunkier to play :P

Avatar image for simonm7
Posted By SimonM7
I sortof agree, but looking at what each console does differently from the others, you could really question if the Wii input is really what ultimately sets it apart.
Look at the Sixaxis for instance and how miniscule its impact has been on the type of experiences you have on the PS3. I think the similarities between systems ultimately has to do with both being pretty much equal in terms of processing power, and what in effect sets the Wii apart from those is its low specs forcing developers - waggle or no - to rethink the alternative for that system.
If the Wii had been as powerful as its HD rivals, Dead Space Wii would just be straight up Dead Space. They'd just leave it at that and call it a day. I think more and more, Wii distinguishes itself as the low cost development alternative for niche titles and smaller dev houses, regarless of its input capabilities. Likewise I think the toss up between the PS3 and 360 is inescapable as long as they're of comparable power.
Avatar image for bonbolapti
Posted By bonbolapti
Thanks, I wanted to win today. 
The way I see it, there's no point in owning three different systems if they all want to do the same thing. 
Avatar image for simonm7
Posted By SimonM7

While the appeal of RE5 with pointing is debatable (I loved RE4 on the Wii so I think it's awesome) I think the real thing I take away from this is how serious developers and Sony are about this thing, and how fast it's ending up in a high profile, third party, "traditional" game that can benefit from it. 
When we first saw both HD motion control offerings I was sure that it wouldn't actually amount to much on the game side for a long time, but this completely disproves that notion. I think if this is how fast implementation happens, it's not unfeasible to think it'll be a real presence on the system. As an optional means of control, certainly, but that's essentially what it has been for a while on the Wii aswell.
It'll be interesting to see if Natal can offer a similar application and if so, if we'll actually approach a standard feature set across platforms. That would be.. crazy.

Avatar image for twoonefive
Posted By TwoOneFive
@WilliamRLBaker said:
" Why? the sixaxis motion controls blow... "
some games do implement sixaxis well though, like Socom Confontation, they use it great. tilting the contoller up or down controls wether you are squatting really low or standing straight up and tall. very simple, and sometimes if you are careful you tilt your controller and blow your cover. 
Avatar image for vhold
Posted By vhold

There was a time in which Giant Bomb wasn't infested with console fanboys..  there were adults.. who could afford all 3 systems, and it was pretty cool.

Avatar image for twoonefive
Edited By TwoOneFive
@Delta_Ass said:
" I think it'd be alright if they offered a trade-in program where you trade in your normal copy of RE5 and then pay 5 bucks to get the RE5 Director's Cut. Otherwise, this is pretty terrible. "
why, lots of games have GOTY editions. why is this any different?? 

@bonbolapti said:

" why is RE5 Wii eddition on the PS3? "

you win for lamest dude on the internet today. 
Avatar image for lashe
Posted By Lashe

Ugh. So the PS3 is the Wii HD now? -sigh-. I was hoping for something a little more original. I'll stick to my RE5 the way it is.

Avatar image for delta_ass
Posted By delta_ass

I think it'd be alright if they offered a trade-in program where you trade in your normal copy of RE5 and then pay 5 bucks to get the RE5 Director's Cut. Otherwise, this is pretty terrible.

Avatar image for octaslash
Posted By Octaslash

Hopefully this new addition of RE5 will bring up to par to the PC version or even RE4 Wii. 
I'm not a big fan of waggling, but it worked perfect for reloading and quick knifing.

Avatar image for wiqidbritt
Posted By WiqidBritt
@Al3xand3r: holding the DS3 in one hand with the wand in the other seems incredibly cumbersome, it's too bad they refuse to make a new RE4 style game for the Wii. I guess it's just hard to justify spending that much time designing a game as big as RE4 for the Wii, I wonder how much time it would take to make a new non-light gun RE game for the Wii versus making a new RE game for the 360/PS3.
Avatar image for wiqidbritt
Posted By WiqidBritt

I can't think of how RE5 would be improved with motion-wand play... seems really bizarre to me

Avatar image for williamrlbaker
Posted By WilliamRLBaker

Why? the sixaxis motion controls blow...

Avatar image for dan_citi
Posted By Dan_CiTi

It would be pretty cool to see Ratchet & Clank games use the motion controller for certain weapons and items. It would be 100% optional, but still really clever and fun(hopefully).

Avatar image for kamasamak
Posted By KamasamaK
@Linkyshinks said:
" Motion controls will not make the game that much better. The NPC count will need to be upped significantly, and seeing as though that was only done on PC for technical reasons, this sounds a little lame and a waste of time. "
There are other tweaks that will be made to the Director's Cut as well. But if this controlling with a DS3 in the other hand is true, I think I might pass on the motion controls anyway. I guess I'd at least give it a try, though.
Avatar image for dan_citi
Edited By Dan_CiTi
@Al3xand3r said:

" Reading a live blog of this it sounded like the RE5 demo was an impression (good or bad remains to be seen) of RE4 on Wii... Except holding a dual shock on the left hand (yuck)... NOW people are excited for this sort of gameplay, eh? Figures.Is it 100% that Director's Cut is the motion controlled version or just speculation? It sounded like DLC material, or re-release, and I read mumblings over the motion controlled version being called Alternate something or other. "

It is unclear, but it doesnt sound like you'd hold the wand and the dualshock at once. Well, since the DC was announced as the version with motion control and the the director for the game played a demo of it with the motion controller, I'd say so.
Avatar image for hitmanagent47
Posted By HitmanAgent47

Great it's going to be the third time I bought resident evil 5 then. Also the pc version already has very accurate controls. Still I can't really aim well on the ps3's dual shock at all, maybe this new control scheme would be better if the motion controller didn't look so retarded.

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