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Sony: New PSP Battery Life Same As "Old" PSP Battery Life

Sony's all "psshhhh, whatevs" over talk that the new PSP-3000 will have a reduced battery life.

Fear the ring.
Fear the ring.
If you're like me, you recently bought a new "slim" PSP and haven't really used it enough to justify your weird hardware collecting habits. You're also thinking about slipping off your shoes and working the rest of the day in your socks, even though you hate people who walk around an office with no socks on. You're probably also simultaneously excited and annoyed that Sony's already announced plans to release a new piece of PSP hardware.

There's been a lot of talk lately about the battery life of the upcoming PSP-3000, largely due to its brighter screen--that power's gotta come from somewhere, right? Sony's John Koller posted on the company's official blog this morning claiming that that you needn't worry--the same four-to-six hours you get for games and four-to-five hours you'll get for all those UMD movies you're watching on your current PSP will be just as four-to-six houry on the new hardware.

And hey, don't forget that along with that nicer screen, you'll also get a built-in microphone and a smaller ring on the back. Look for that smaller ring to hit stores next month.
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