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Sound Shapes Arriving August 7 on Vita...and PS3!

Queasy Games' rhythm platformer going the dual platforms route.

I will play all of the Sound Shapes. All of them.
I will play all of the Sound Shapes. All of them.

Though Sony's E3 press conference will close out today's early E3 festivities, we're already getting a bit of Sony news prior to this morning's Microsoft event. As of this AM, we have learned via the PlayStation Blog that Sound Shapes, Everyday Shooter creator Queasy Games' rhythm-based platformer, will be arriving on the Vita this August 7 for $14.99.

However, that's not all. It turns out that the once Vita-exclusive title is now headed to the PlayStation 3 as well. The PS3 version comes day-and-date with the Vita version, and, in fact, both versions come as one package. If you download the Vita version, you'll have free access to the PS3 version, and vice versa. User-generated content will even transfer between the two versions.

We've made no secret about Sound Shapes being tops among our most-anticipated Vita games, so this news is a more-than-welcome way to kick off the deluge of E3 announcements. We'll be sure to check out both versions of Sound Shapes on the E3 show floor,

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