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Source Engine Shooter "Bloody Good Time" Headed To Steam, XBLA

Like some other Source Engine games, it's a little on the goofy side.

Developer Outerlight, in collaboration with Ubisoft, has licensed Valve's Source Engine to create their own not-so-serious and cartoon-inspired shooter this Fall. Bloody Good Time, as it's being called, will be an online-focused competitive romp that appears to be attempting to capture the hearts and minds of "irreverent" FPS enthusiasts with its own breed of ridiculous melee and shooter action.

Built for up to eight players simultaneously, Bloody Good Time is being suggested to focus more on mayhem-causing weaponry than your typical range of guns. In the press materials, it's mentioned that players will be able to use items like frying pans and remote-controlled rats in addition to the normal arms like the one you see just below. 

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If you're wondering why the characters look like they do, it's because the game is riffing on B-Movie actors and sub-AAA movies. In fact, the entire game takes place on a Hollywood movie set with silly locations such as Vegas hotels and summer beach houses. The sets also come with actors who dress like, well, bunnies, clowns, and starving security guards. 

Not much more is being announced about Bloody Good Time right now, but it seems possible that it will at least have some sort of campaign mode--the press materials mention specifically that the online portion is just an "option."

Want to see more of BGT? Look no further.     

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