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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Hits Retail July 27

Go ahead and make your "hell, it's about time" joke. I'll wait.

Not much to say here other than a date: July 27, the day StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will hit retail shelves. So sayeth Blizzard (via a press release), and those guys don't typically commit to promises they can't make good on. So expect to get destroyed on at the end of July by all the people who have been playing the beta for months before then!
Oh, you're still here? Hmm. Why don't you take a look at the incredible things people are already doing with the game's map editor?

So who else is still neck-deep in the beta? As a Protoss player I'm having a terrible time against Terrans lately, since immortals were nerfed a bit in the last patch and the marauder's concussive shell came back on the scene in a major way. Everybody loves to drop the ghost's EMP on 'toss these days, too, making immos and void rays all but worthless against a huge mass of marauders and marines. Little help?
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