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Geometry Wars 2 has a 3D mode.

Friend of Giant Bomb MrJared has updated the Geometry Wars 2 wiki with information on a 3D camera mode hidden in the game. Naturally, all work around here has ground to a halt as we investigate this profound discovery. Apparently you need to hit right bumper and the back button to enable it, but for some reason that ain't getting it done over here. Have you gotten it to work? What are we doing wrong? Are we totally stupid? (I mean, the answer to that one is "yes," but cut us some slack here.)


In sorta-related news, Mr Killemgood over at the NeoGAF forum reports that Geometry Wars 2 has posted the highest three-day sales figures yet for an Xbox Live Arcade game, which tells me there may be some good aspect of the human race worth saving after all. I know I'm having a hard time doing anything constructive, knowing people on my friends list are passing my high scores at this very moment. (Incidentally, friend requests from people with higher scores than me will be denied on principle henceforth.)


It works! Earlier we had a Rock Band guitar plugged into the 360, and the controller was assigned to player 2. So 3D mode doesn't work when you have a guitar controller plugged in OR when you're player 2. Not sure which. Giant Bomb exclusive!
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