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Geometry Wars 2 has a 3D mode.

Friend of Giant Bomb MrJared has updated the Geometry Wars 2 wiki with information on a 3D camera mode hidden in the game. Naturally, all work around here has ground to a halt as we investigate this profound discovery. Apparently you need to hit right bumper and the back button to enable it, but for some reason that ain't getting it done over here. Have you gotten it to work? What are we doing wrong? Are we totally stupid? (I mean, the answer to that one is "yes," but cut us some slack here.)


In sorta-related news, Mr Killemgood over at the NeoGAF forum reports that Geometry Wars 2 has posted the highest three-day sales figures yet for an Xbox Live Arcade game, which tells me there may be some good aspect of the human race worth saving after all. I know I'm having a hard time doing anything constructive, knowing people on my friends list are passing my high scores at this very moment. (Incidentally, friend requests from people with higher scores than me will be denied on principle henceforth.)


It works! Earlier we had a Rock Band guitar plugged into the 360, and the controller was assigned to player 2. So 3D mode doesn't work when you have a guitar controller plugged in OR when you're player 2. Not sure which. Giant Bomb exclusive!
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Avatar image for lik
Posted By LiK

OMG, awesome. i will check it out~

Avatar image for volcomstoner180
Posted By volcomstoner180
wow trippy
Avatar image for tamz
Posted By Tamz

Wow, that is awesome.

Avatar image for gamer_152
Posted By Gamer_152

Awesome, what a brilliant little thing to hide in the game.

Avatar image for rad3xl
Posted By rad3xl

It's fake... NOT!

Avatar image for mistermouse
Posted By MisterMouse

wow that looks sweet and the actual game must have been crazy!

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Posted By btk88


Avatar image for sweep
Posted By Sweep

I never knew mathematical shapes could look so sexy...

Avatar image for slaveone
Posted By SlaveOne

Sweet i'm going to try it now. Great scoop guys.

Avatar image for workingtavo
Posted By WorkingTavo

awesome i'm getting this game asap!!! the demo itself it's incredible can't wait to play the whole thing!!!

Avatar image for eddie
Posted By eddie

you have too have one foot in a bucket of water then everything works

Avatar image for fuzzylemon
Posted By FuzzYLemoN

Hold onto your fucking hats, gentlemen. This changes everything.

Avatar image for christpuncher
Posted By Christpuncher

Mother of god thats awesome! Who ever found this 3d style is awesome!.

Also turtles are awesome!

Avatar image for clean
Posted By Clean

thats looks pretty dope actually

Avatar image for blackhawk3422
Posted By BlackHawk3422

sweet ill check it out wen i buy it later today

Avatar image for cj
Posted By CJ

That's an awesome find. I just tried it and it cool if you could keep playing after you change the angle.

Avatar image for jackel2072
Posted By Jackel2072

Thats awesome i need to go try that!

Avatar image for dante_the_jedi
Posted By Dante_the_Jedi

OH MY GOD!, give that game one more star.

Avatar image for dethfish
Posted By Dethfish
Oh my god. How in the hell do you get 52 million points?! The most I've ever gotten is about 350K in Geometry Wars 1.
Avatar image for rowr
Posted By Rowr

what the deuce?

why isnt this mentioned in the game somewhere.

Avatar image for darthstone
Posted By DarthStone

I like turtles!

Avatar image for yit
Posted By Yit

Controls are awful.

Avatar image for ownlyuzinwonhan
Posted By OwnlyUzinWonHan

Look at the big score on Brad.
Pretty awesome camera adjustment.
Though, won't that make it harder to see incoming shapes?

Avatar image for sin4profit
Posted By Sin4profit

Damn, no one on my friends list has has bought GeoWars 2, i guess when the apocalypse comes they shall not be spared.
Still annoyed GeoWars 2 doesn't have some online play so i could at least meet people with scores i can compare's long as they ain't THAT much better then me - I've got an ego to uphold here.

Avatar image for sneaky77
Posted By sneaky77

what the hell does activision and harmonix have to do with geometry wars?

Avatar image for and333
Posted By and333

Thats amazing! I just tried it! i had no idea everything was done in 3d!

Avatar image for wizzykid
Posted By WizzyKid

That... is... so... awsome! Oh my gawd, screw the PS3 exlucisves, I'm getting a 360 just for Geometry Wars 2!!!

Avatar image for aaron_g
Posted By Aaron_G

Whoa awesome!

Avatar image for rotnac
Posted By Rotnac

it works, and its actually RB+Back Button, to correct Railer.

Its only a camera mode though, the game wont play in 3D.

Avatar image for john
Posted By John

It works for me. But.... what's it for? Taking pictures?

Avatar image for felixlighter
Posted By FelixLighter

Doesn't work when the Rock Band Guitar is plugged in?  Activision really knows how to hold a grudge against Harmonix.

Avatar image for mjolnir
Posted By Mjolnir

Is this even more of a reason for me to buy Geometry Wars 2? Yes, I think so

Avatar image for brydello
Posted By Brydello

Haha Giant Bomb exclusive!

Avatar image for seraphim
Posted By Seraphim

Now the next one has to have a 4D camera mode where all the shapes are constructed by hypercubes.

Avatar image for luffer
Posted By Luffer

Hopefully MrJaredwas given massive points for this amazing piece of information! It looks fantastic.

Avatar image for curtismancannon
Posted By CurtisManCannon

Start the presses again.  it's not that interesting.

Avatar image for badgrafix
Posted By badgrafix

i had no idea the 3dness of geometry wars was this.... 3d..  i mean you can see the enemys look a little 3d, but this is awesome. explostions rise from the map and crap. awesome.. need to make it playable!

Avatar image for jimbo_n
Posted By Jimbo_N

I dont get it. So you cant get it to work, yet the screenshot is taken while logged onto Brad Shoemakers account.. i seeeee.....

Avatar image for mookiefl
Posted By MookieFL

I just tried it, it works just fine...neat, but nothing special.

Avatar image for alphazero
Posted By Alphazero

This game is crack in neon bloom form.

Love it.

Avatar image for coonce
Posted By coonce


Avatar image for coonce
Posted By coonce

damn - i cannot wait to check out this game!

Avatar image for jeffsekai
Posted By Jeffsekai

This made my day lmao

Avatar image for bodycount
Posted By Bodycount

its back button as in the one next to start, not back on the DPAD. lol

Avatar image for paul
Posted By Paul

Sounds hella cool.

Avatar image for gyroz1989
Posted By Gyroz1989

just a 3D camera mode. They should have an update to play in 3D though.

Avatar image for dolphin_butter
Posted By Dolphin_Butter

I need this game now.

Avatar image for chocobo_blitzer
Posted By Chocobo_Blitzer

huh, so it's like the pause camera in super smash bros? upskirt shots of geometry. alright sweet

Avatar image for odie20xx
Posted By Odie20XX


The back button would be what they called "Select" in the old days :P
Left from the guidebutton ;)

Avatar image for railer
Posted By Railer

I get it to work, but the game pauses when i enter the 3D mode, so i cant seem to actually play in this mode.
But yeah, just press LB+Back button.

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