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Super Mario Maker: The Giant Bomb vs. Patrick Klepek Recap

The best part of this game happens when you close the loop on the creation and feedback process.

We're having a pretty great time with Super Mario Maker around these parts. I've made a handful of levels, Dan's certainly made his share, and even Drew's getting into the mix on occasion. But it turns out that creating levels and sending them out into the world becomes way more exciting when you can actually watch another human attempt to puzzle out the different dumb traps and other nonsense you've stuffed into your levels.

So we ran our original "Giant Bomb Makes Mario" stream a few weeks ago, and had a great time putting this level together.

But it wasn't until we got to spend some time watching someone we know bang their head against said level that it all came together. If you've been poking around Twitter and following the fun there, you might have already seen this, but just in case, here's ex-Giant Bomb Midwest news man (and, ostensibly, a current Twitch Partner) Patrick Klepek playing the level on his regular Mario Maker Mornings stream:

If you're a Super Mario Maker player, you can give that level a shot with this ID: F829-0000-0066-E98B

Anyway, we watched that and came back this week with a follow-up stream and a follow-up level. Here's us working with our friendly neighborhood chat room to build that second level:

Patrick went into action almost immediately after our stream wrapped up, and it took him two separate videos to best this second one.

Aaaaand here's the second video.

That level ID is 1F31-0000-0094-CC9D.

What happens from here? Well, Dan says he's cooking up something separate and more diabolical. He's doing it off-camera, away from the streams, so no one will know his secret. We'll have to wait and see what Patrick has to say about that one, but from what I've heard about this upcoming level so far, all I know is that I don't want to have anything to do with it.

If you've been playing our two levels (or any of Dan's nightmare bullshit or my not-bullshit nice guy levels) and have some video of you doing it, slot it in the comments down there, I want to see that stuff!

We'll probably run another Super Mario Maker stream in the near future. As for me? I'm going to keep making Super Mario Maker levels. Actually, I might just have to get into the "make garbage levels that are tough, but not impossible to finish" business myself, if only for a level or two. Watching other people squirm their way through these levels has been too much fun.

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