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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro (aka iPhone) Arrives Thursday

The iPad version is going universal, too.

Even though the moon-loving Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP launched last month on iPad, development actually started on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Miniature iPad owners, however, have had to patiently wait for details. Thankfully, with the moon in its proper alignment, those arrived today.

According to an update on the official website, the aptly titled Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro will arrive via iTunes on April 21st—yes, just two days—for just $2.99. Getting something that lovingly hand-crafted at the price of a large coffee (I just bought one) is ridiculous, but seeing as how A Life Well Wasted's Robert Ashley voices a character in Sword & Sworcery, ridiculousness is expected. 

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And what if you already own it on iPad? 

== TEASER == No worries; this one's going universal, which is Applespeak for letting iPad owners have the smaller version free-of-charge. The iPhone edition is not universal, however. If you think you might own an iPad eventually and want to future-proof your digital purchase, picking up the slightly-more-expensive iPad version at the still-cheap $4.99 is the way to go. 

"To be honest, S:S&S EP was a very tough project to make...," lamented the Superbrothers duo in the official announcement. "Maybe all projects are tough, and the ones you care most deeply about, the ones you want to really shine, the ones that are completely unlike anything you've done before... maybe those are the toughest of them all." 

"It was only in the last few months of the project that the intended experience actually started to take shape," they continued, "and it was only in the last few weeks of the project, when we started sharing S:S&S EP with our friends, that we started to get a sense for what we had made - thankfully our friends 'got' it & dug it." 

Don't worry, Superbrothers. We dig it. Giant Bomb iOS users, you will, too. Promise.
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