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Swery 65's Working On Vita Launch Game, Lord of Apocalypse

A game inspired by Monster Hunter maybe isn't what we'd like to see, but it'll have to do.

My head hurts, too, bro.
My head hurts, too, bro.

The cult success of Deadly Premonition hasn't exactly translated into Access Games designer Swery 65 calling all the shots on what he works on next, despite the Internet's desires.

He continues to collaborate with Square Enix, with the latest tag-team coming in the form of Lord of Apocalypse, one of Vita's launch titles this December.

Swery 65 has revealed he's the acting director on Lord of Apocalypse, a Monster Hunter-style action RPG. It's unlikely you'll be sipping on a whole lot of coffee and mulling psychic visions in this one.

If you aren't buying a Vita, there are options: Lord of Apocalypse is coming to PSP, too.

Me? I just want to know what the man actually wants to work on next, not more contract work!

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