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Swery65's Top 10 Games of 2014

The creator of Deadly Premonition and D4 has some interesting thoughts on his favorite games of 2014.

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Swery65 is the eccentric developer behind games like Deadly Premonition, Spy Fiction, and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. He loves David Lynch and coffee, among many other things. You simply must follow him on Twitter.

1. Goat Simulator

It's so ridiculous that I hesitate to even call it a game. But I really regret the fact that I didn't come up with this myself. Even if the idea was the result of some coincidence, this sort of coincidence isn't something that happens to everyone. Only people who are seriously working toward something can run into coincidences like these.

2. Super Time Force Ultra

I also created a game that had a story centered around time travel, and although this game shares that theme, it's an action game. You can fight with the yous from the past. And they keep multiplying in number. When you use your abilities, more of you start appearing and gathering together. They say that if you meet your doppelganger, you'll die, but who cares about that old legend? This game is simply fun.

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3. inFamous: Second Son

I got so into this game that I started dreaming about it. I bet life would be a lot more fun if I had abilities like that. This may mean nothing to NA players, but the Japanese dubbing, translation, and voice acting was very well done. People have a tendency to put very little emphasis on products aimed toward the Japanese market, so I'm very thankful that they did a serious localization here. I wish there were more games like this. This is unrelated, but the concrete ability reminds me of a famous Japanese commercial for stiff shoulder medicine.

4. ...

It was one step away, but it’s not applicable.

5. ...

After a rigorous selection, I decided it wasn't applicable.

6. ...

Unfortunately, it's not applicable.

7. ...

I went back and forth, but it's not applicable.

8. ...

I hate to say this, but it's not applicable.

9. ...

I thought hard about it, but it's not applicable.

10. ...

I'm a bit tied up right now, so it's not applicable.

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105. ...

I'm tired, so it's not applicable.

106. Trials Fusion

I love how you always die after reaching the goal.

107. Desert Golfing

Golf with bunkers that stretch on forever... So barren that it's wonderful.

108. D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

In Buddhism, they say that there are 108 worldly desires.