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Swine Flu Pandemic Spreads To Azeroth

Clearly, no toon is safe.

In yet another instance of life imitating games, some fearless World of Warcraft players have pointed out that the ongoing Swine Flu pandemic has found its way into the fabled lands of Azeroth, as evidenced by this Wowhead page. Here's the photographic evidence.

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Residents of Azeroth are urged to proceed to the nearest auction house and procure a Gleaming Surgical Mask of the Bear. Just like in real life, the ill effects of the virus include 120 Nature damage every two seconds, and a 70 percent reduction in movement speed.

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To be fair, a Blizzard representative pointed out this spell has been in the game since Wrath of the Lich King went into beta and is certainly not a late attempt to capitalize on dire current events. This stuff has been around for a while, after all.
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