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Take A Shot At Two New Pieces of Merch

You miss every 35% shot you don't take, so grab this stuff before it's gone for good.

We've got three new things in the store! First up is the

You Can't Beat 35% Shirt and Mug

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"Fate loves the fearless," as someone once said. For the boldest among us, life is lived on the edge, making risky bets and seeing if they pay off. Ask out the prom queen or king - at the prom! Invade Russia - in winter! Shoot at that alien - with a significant chance of missing! Some of us tremble in fear before the horrifying power of RNG; others simply square up against the vagaries of fortune, cast their die, and hope they pop a 20. Here's to remembering that you miss 100% of the 35% shots that you don't take.

This item is available exclusively for pre-order and will not be restocked in the future. Pre-orders will end on September 3rd, so order before then if you want one of these shirts or mugs! All of these items will ship in mid-September. Check out Men's Shirts, Women's Shirts, or the Mug!

If you don't get the reference, here's a recap!

By request we are adding a new kind of shirt for this pre-order. You will have the choice of a Next Level shirt at $24 or a Gildan shirt at $20. Most of you are probably familiar with Gildan shirts; these are going to be a bit thicker and weightier than the type of shirts that we normally use. If you're into that kind of thing, feel free to try that variant out; we'll collect feedback when these start getting delivered and see how people feel about them.

Challenge Coins

The history of challenge coins is a long and storied one, full of interesting details like “no one really knows how they started” and “Maybe it was the Romans? Dunno!” At Giant Bomb, though, we live in the now, and are happy to present this 10th Anniversary Challenge Coin to viewers new and old.

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Emblazoned with our logo on the front and Luchadeer on the back, alongside reminders of the venerable nature of our site itself, this coin will mark you as a very dedicated fan of Giant Bomb. Not necessarily a better fan, of course, than someone who can’t produce this coin when challenged with the special code phrase. We’d never say that the possessor of one of these coins is “better” in any way than someone who does not carry one on their person at all times.

Of course we’d never say that.

These coins are big, clocking in at 1.75” across, ⅛” thick, and weighing in at 1.25 oz. If you’re using the metric system, it’s...well, it’s a big-ass coin. They are made of die-struck iron with a brass plating. There may be some variation in color due to the brass!