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Telltale Adventures Onto XBLA With Wallace & Gromit

Those noble torchbearers of the adventure genre are expanding their catalog onto the Xbox 360 starting this spring.

I haven't put nearly as much time into the titles made by Telltale Games as they deserve--primarily the latter-day Sam & Max games, as well as the new Strong Bad stuff--but the fact that those guys and gals are doing well for themselves making adventure games in two-thousand and nine is so heartwarming I don't even know where to begin. Ryan is especially fond of their work from a more hands-on perspective, for what it's worth.

Anyway! Their next big release is Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, based of course on the delightful British stop-motion man-and-dog pair you may have seen on TV or film. The company sent out a note today that we can expect Wallace & Gromit "this spring," and not just on the PC, but on Xbox Live Arcade for the first time. Telltale's stuff is very mouse-driven, which has made it a natural fit for WiiWare, but I'll be interested to see how they adapt to the Xbox thumb sticks. The wording in the press release makes it sound like Sam & Max and Strong Bad may also hit Live Arcade at some point--or it may simply indicate that more of the company's future games will also come to the service. Time will tell!

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In a last generous gesture, Telltale is offering a free episode of Sam & Max or Strong Bad if you sign up for their newsletter. So if you're curious to see how it is they do what they do, now you've got a pretty easy way to find out.

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