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Telltale Doing Walking Dead, New Puzzle Agent, New King's Quest

Because there's always room for more zombies, gnomes, and King Graham!

The tease seemed a little too obvious, but the speculation was accurate. Telltale Games is indeed working on a game series based on The Walking Dead. The developer has inked a contract with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to produce multiple games across several platforms. The first game slated to hit in late 2011.

In an interview that followed the announcement, Kirkman didn’t divulge much about the games or the platforms. But he did note that the series would be episodic, as is expected with a developer like Telltale, and said that the games are to be based in the comic book universe as opposed the one seen on the AMC television series.  

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== TEASER ==In other Telltale in-development news, The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital blog is reporting that the developer is also creating a series based on Fables, which is a comic book series about fairy tale characters that live in real-world New York City.
Telltale's announcements certainly don't stop there. The company has revealed that it's returning to the mysterious small-town plight of Nelson Tethers with a new Puzzle Agent sequel. Even more surprisingly, the company has inked a deal with Activision to resurrect some of Sierra On-Line's classic adventure franchises, starting with a King's Quest reboot. 

And, lastly, the Jurassic Park series' Web site is now up. You can pre-order the upcoming five-episode series on PC and Mac for $29.99, which is about five dollars off from the normal, slow-poke price. The first game will see a release in April, so the wait won’t be too long. In the meantime, Telltale just gave us an inside look at Jurassic Park; watch it!