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Telltale Nabs Xbox 360 Publishing Licensor Agreement, Makes Us Curious

The episodic adventure creator apparently has some plans we're not aware of yet.

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Confused at the headline? Understandable.

Just after announcing Jurassic Park: The Game has been moved from a later-this-month release into the fall, Telltale Games has announced a publishing licensor agreement for Xbox 360. A what now? At the moment, we don't know the motivation; Telltale isn't willing to talk about the reasons behind this move.

“Adding console support to our acknowledged expertise in digital downloads is another positive step in our long-term growth strategy,” said Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors in the press release. “We are pleased to expand the size of our potential audience by encompassing the Xbox 360 console consumer and bring our vision of video gaming to them."

To date, Telltale has been laser focused on digital download platforms. This could signal Telltale moving into the retail space, though whether it's for anything more than issuing bundles of episodic adventures isn't known. Issuing a press release over the agreement may suggest bigger plans.

After being asked on Twitter, Telltale had nothing more to tell fans.

"No announcements on what's coming to the XBox 360 from us yet but we have some exciting stuff in store!" the company said, understandably cryptically. "Stay tuned!"

We don't really have a choice in the matter, so we will, Telltale, we will.    
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