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Thanksgiving Premium Membership Sale

Get in on the Giant Bomb beta next month at a lower price.

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Hey all. It's that time of year again. Till Monday the 26th at midnight PST we're dropping the price of premium memberships to $35. You can grab a code over on this page, and then redeem the code it generates over here. Note that these generate gift subscription codes that you must redeem. So while it's totally OK to use that code on yourself, they're also quite easy to pass along to a friend for the holidays.

For those new to the program, premium members enjoy the following:

  • HD video on our Boxee, Roku, Plex and XMBC apps.
  • Protected RSS feeds so you can directly download our videos at home.
  • Exclusive video content including Jar Time, Random PC Game, Spookin with Scoops, Breaking Brad and monthly call-in shows.
  • A dedicated mobile version of the site.
  • Zero advertising.
  • An enhanced AJAX UI that removes clicks from your browsing.

What this sale membership does not include:

As we mentioned in last week's design chat, the development team here at CBSi is getting close to finishing up the rebuild of the site and we'll be opening up a limited beta in mid-December. That beta will be open to subscribers only. Firstly, because although I'm excited for everyone to see the new site, I do believe there should be some perks for that membership fee. Secondly, and likely more important, is that I'd like to keep things manageable for our dev team and ramp up the numbers as we go. Limiting to a smaller subset of users makes sure the developers can provide at least some level of personal support on the boards as we watch you guys break things!

So again, here's the scoop. Beta site for subs next month, followed by a month of hell for the developers and myself as we fix bugs and shore up the ship. Then in January hopefully a full site launch to everyone. The beta site will be a snapshot and not a mirrored copy of the live site, so any content added during that month to the beta stuff will be wiped away in January. That gives you guys a good opportunity to mess around and gives the editorial team a good trial of our new CMS tools. In the usual Giant Bomb way I imagine Vinny, Jeff and crew will utilize that tissue-paper database for some one-off trial content while we scramble.

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (especially our International audience who puts up with these Americanisms). It's been a crazy year for the team here and although I've had to answer "Just what is Giant Bomb?" about twice a week since we've made the move, I'm thankful I can say "A real, god-damned website -- not just someplace you land on" most of the time. Thats a you, not us thing. So thanks, hopefully the long cook time will be worth it.

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Avatar image for cuxun
Posted By cuxun

actually I was waiting for this. The regular price it's always a little too much for me, thanks for making this affordable GB CREW!!!!

Avatar image for krakn3dfx
Posted By Krakn3Dfx

Didn't realize my 1 year from a $35 deal I jumped on last year was almost up. Glad I checked so i could get in on this.

Avatar image for luciddreams117
Posted By LucidDreams117

Hmmm. How do you find out about your membership and when it expires?

Avatar image for hunter5024
Posted By Hunter5024

I wish these sales didn't always end just before I get paid. I need my Jar Time.

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Posted By SeroTyler


Avatar image for elpork
Posted By ELpork

The only thing I'll buy on black Friday... Well that and the Mass Effect Bust.

Avatar image for andygazi
Posted By andygazi

You got my money! Thanks for the site guys! Love it!

Avatar image for dudeglove
Posted By dudeglove

I love you, Dave

Avatar image for y2ken
Posted By Y2Ken

We love you Dave. Looking forward to the beta site, always glad to help test your crazy new ideas!

Avatar image for slam_squatthrust
Posted By Slam_Squatthrust

$35 is an absolute steal. You guys are probably the funniest show on tv.

Avatar image for jdbloom
Posted By jdbloom

I used this deal as an excuse to sneak into the GiantBomb family. So far I'm loving being a member of the community, except Uncle Joey won't let me eat the sweet potatoes!

Avatar image for fatwreck
Posted By fatwreck

As a fellow web developer I want to see a better internet and Dave and Alexis and the team are doing just that. Looking forward to poking around the BETA and keep on keepin on duders.

Avatar image for drgreatjob
Posted By DrGreatJob

Always worth it, will be getting it as soon as I figure out where my wallet disappeared to

Avatar image for otoboke
Posted By otoboke

Well, I was going to re-sub anyway, so $35 sounds good to me. Hire Matt Rorie and I'll buy two.

Avatar image for billmcneal
Posted By billmcneal

yay! after an absence, I am signing back up again

Avatar image for kanerobot
Edited By KaneRobot

They need to offer the t-shirtless membership year round. This is pretty much the worst week of the year for me money wise, so going to have to skip it. It just seems like with a normal subscription you're paying 15 dollars for a 15 dollar gift card. Don't really need any shirts, wish they'd get rid of it and just make the subscription cheaper, even if it's 40 bucks instead of 35.

Oh well. Will be watching for next time this pops up.

Avatar image for nunchuckles
Posted By Nunchuckles

Bring back the "China Don't Care Shirt" and I will buy the normal Full Premium Membership!

Avatar image for robotsquad
Posted By RobotSquad

I gatta get in on this

Avatar image for kawiji
Edited By kawiji

I'm certainly not regretting this membership - makes it a heck of a lot easier to access the website on my surface now!

Avatar image for mosdef
Posted By mosdef

Im loosing money by not doing it.

Avatar image for sidfiou
Posted By Sidfiou
Avatar image for colonelrick
Posted By ColonelRick

It's been said already, but could a paypal option please be added? Right now the only option open to paypal users is the more expensive one...

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Posted By Dovien


Avatar image for hydrotherion1979
Posted By hydrotherion1979

Renewed my sub!:)

Avatar image for atwa
Posted By Atwa

I will gladly give you awesome duders another 35 dollars! 
Thank you for being awesome. 

Avatar image for nameless2000
Posted By Nameless2000

This will be a good year.

Avatar image for zzombie13
Posted By ZZoMBiE13

So they're going to keep the membership at $50 a year even though we went from 5 websites to 2. $35 shouldn't be the sale price, it should be the base price now. I love GB, I love Comic Vine. But Screened and Tested were a major factor in my decision to sign up.

Avatar image for unsolvedparadox
Posted By UnsolvedParadox

Re-upped, now set until the end of 2014. Whoo!

Avatar image for mmiranda119
Posted By mmiranda119

@Hudlommen: Not everyone gets paid at the same time.

Avatar image for billyhoush
Posted By billyhoush

Who should I contact about being double billed?

Avatar image for highdefknockers
Edited By HighDefKnockers

Edit: Seems like the problem I had with the transaction was on my side. However, can't say I'm impressed with the lack of an answer what so ever after my email to Whiskey Media support. Another Edit: Although maybe I shouldn't be so surprised, remembering you guys probably are on holiday for a week or something with the whole Thanksgiving thing. So never mind I guess!

Avatar image for wintermute
Posted By wintermute

Membership is great! I really like the RSS feeds so that I can download the videos in iTunes. The Jar Time and Breaking Brad videos are awesome as well. As for the new site design, I'm...trepidatious. From the previews Dave has already given it looks like they are still using rollovers, and I hate rollovers. Nonetheless, I love Giant Bomb! Keep up the good work guys!

Avatar image for dylanfill
Posted By DylanFill

Finally bought a membership through this deal. Been wanting to for awhile, but I was waiting for something like this.

Avatar image for pimblycharles
Posted By PimblyCharles

Thanks for the sale! Just bought another year cause of this, and am looking forward to testing out the new site early.

Avatar image for pimblycharles
Posted By PimblyCharles

I have a question regarding the phrase, "The beta site will be a snapshot and not a mirrored copy of the live site, so any content added during that month to the beta stuff will be wiped away in January."

Will new videos on the main site be available on the beta site? I ask because the new video features you've shown us would be great to have for new videos during the beta site. Thanks.

Avatar image for subjugation
Posted By Subjugation
Avatar image for bigbombomb
Posted By Bigbombomb

Finally, I have a gold medal! I couldn't pass this deal up. Don't stop being awesome Giant Bomb! So many subscriber videos...

Avatar image for thekbob
Posted By TheKbob

Been out of the sub loop, but I love Jartime and the other nonsense while painting... it's good white noise that makes me laugh.

If this helps keep you guys "independent" and a 3.5hr podcast every Tuesday.... then so be it.