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That Latest Fallout: New Vegas Patch for Xbox 360? Yeah, Don't Install It

Reports of saves translating into frequent game crashes have Bethesda regrouping.

 An artist's depiction of the latest patch.
 An artist's depiction of the latest patch.
Hold onto your butts, Vault Dwellers. 

Even though Xbox Live is demanding you update your copy of Fallout: New Vegas with the latest patch, publisher Bethesda Softworks is separately demanding you decline the update. 

What? Exactly.

Players have reported repeated crashes on Xbox 360 upon loading game saves, after the update. Bethesda looked into it and found plenty of validity to the claims...

"Regarding the Xbox 360 update, we’ve discovered a solution to the issue that’s causing problems with game saves," said the company on its blog. "We’ll be hosting a replacement update on Xbox LIVE as soon as humanly possible. If you haven’t grabbed the New Vegas update on 360 today, we recommend you decline the update until the new one is live. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up."

That's right: a patch for a patch! Such is the age of games we live in, apparently, though one has to wonder how a botched patch survived both development and certification without anyone catching this bad boy.

I love me some Fallout, but this? This isn't right.    
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