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The Best Office In The Video Game Industry

If you ran a dev studio like Gearbox, would your office be as cool as Randy Pitchford's?

While I was in the Dallas area for QuakeCon last week, I was lucky enough to swing by the Gearbox offices in their lofty place atop a Plano highrise. Primarily, I was there to see Borderlands, which is looking great but which I'm otherwise bound not to talk about for a couple of weeks here.

Anyway, since Jeff just spoke to the company's president Randy Pitchford on that neat-looking game in the recent past, I figured I'd use my interview time to investigate another subject I'd heard tales about: the nostalgic excellence of Pitchford's office. Embark on a little video tour, won't you?

Note: Any game developers out there who think they have a cooler office, I'd love to see pictures!
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