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THE COMMISSIONER OF BLASEBALL Parker MacMillan IIIII's Top 10 Games(?) of 2020

The commissioner briefly rouses from his well-earned Siesta to tell us about his favorite experiences of 2020.

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Parker MacMillan IIIII is the current commissioner of blaseball. He is doing a great job.

may i have your attention. this is internet league blaseball intern-interim commissioner Parker MacMillan IIIII. you are now participating in a list of my 10 favorite games

1. When Black Hole swallowed the Moon

2. The Grand Unslam game

3. When Thomas Dracaena hit a ground out to Edric Tosser / When Pitching Machine siphoned blood / Crowvertime (tie)

4. When I hit a home run in the Coffee Cup

5. Maximum Blaseball!

6. When Sandie Turner found the Blagonball

7. Bugsnax, Gloria

8. When the Hall Stars played the Pods

9. Death Stranding

10. Richardson Games

Honorable Mention: An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Holovista