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The Community Spotlight - 01/21/2017

Welcome to The Community Spotlight 01/21 HD Final Chapter Prologue (Limited Edition)!

Artwork provided by Humanity
Artwork provided by Humanity

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. With the tomfoolery of Game of the Year entirely behind us the community and staff have been in a perpetual buzz about the prospects of 2017. Vast swaths of the community shared their excitement for the new year by sharing their most anticipated releases, and initial impressions of the Switch. Beyond this two major talking points much of the community used the doldrums of Winter to tackle their gaming backlog. With that, let's get on with the site related housekeeping:

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Clips Of The Week

Metal Gear Scanlon Rising - So Nice You Said it Twice (By: @mepsipax)

Did you have a feeling of déjà vu while watching Metal Gear Scanlon Rising? Mepsipax's latest compilation video backs you up and annotates why.

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER - The East Coast Version Of The Giant Bomb Logo (By: @humanity)

Giant Bomb user Humanity tried to envision what the Giant Bomb logo would look like if it were born in the boroughs of New York City. This is what he came up with and it is PERFECT!

Contra - This Is The Run CRT Art (By: @fobwashed)

Perpetual friend of the site, Fobwashed, thoroughly enjoyed Giant Bomb East's "This Is The Run" video series so much he felt inspired to create this artwork.

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Best Of Blogs

Is Overwatch
Is Overwatch "casual?" meteora3255 thinks so!

Overwatch Is Casual And That's OK & Trade Season Fun With NBA 2K17 (By: @meteora3255)

Despite being a competitive online multiplayer shooter, meteora3255 articulates why he envisages Overwatch as a "casual" game. meteora3255 also tinkered around with NBA 2K17's trading system. Read how he had a romp exploiting the game's A.I. incompetent use of the system.

Why I Only Play Sly Cooper Anymore (By: @sonatar)

Giant Bomb user sonatar surfaces his absolute love for the Sly Cooper franchise, and what continues to draw him to it to this day.

What The Hell Has Nintendo Been Up To? (Lack Of Software For Switch) (By: @bigsocrates)

After mulling over the launch window for the Switch BigSocrates highlights his major concern of software support for Nintendo's next console.

sonatar shares his absolute love for everything Sly Cooper.
sonatar shares his absolute love for everything Sly Cooper.

Old Trouble in New Bordeaux: Thoughts on Mafia III (By: @darth_navster)

Darth_Navster shares his extensive thoughts on Mafia III, its many cathartic showdowns, and the game's personal convictions throughout its story.

Some Thoughts After Playing Dragon Quest 7 3DS Remake (By: @kogx)

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past on the 3DS is the first Dragon Quest game KogX has ever played. Check out his formative opinions regarding the game and franchise.

GB-1-15-2017: Stars Are Never Sleeping (By: @ohagan)

From Unravel to LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, OHagan shares his impressions of every game he played in the last two weeks. Check it out and feel free to discus any of the games he played.

Many of you continue to be flummoxed by the Nintendo Switch.
Many of you continue to be flummoxed by the Nintendo Switch.

I'm Boarding The Nintendo Switch Train & Gaming Sequels Never To Come (By: @d-man123)

D-Man123 is entirely on-board with Nintendo's Switch after deliberating over the consoles' presentation this past week. Additionally, D-Man123 started an extensive community discussion about highly desired video game sequels on a blog highlighting sequels which will never happen.

The Backlogbook - Week Two (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster shares week two of his attempt to knock off games from his backlog. This week was all about knocking Grandia and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga from his dubious list.

We had two users in complete isolation of one another write backlog blogs about LEGO Star Wars... that is a weird thing.
We had two users in complete isolation of one another write backlog blogs about LEGO Star Wars... that is a weird thing.

The Longest Grind 09 - Myself and Fighting Games, An Introspective (By: @infinitespark)

InfiniteSpark shares a highly introspective look at his relationship with fighting games, as well as the culture surrounding the fighting game community in general

Fighting Final Fantasy IX Part 102-114: If A Game Gives Me An Aneurysm, Can I Sue The Developers? (By: @zombiepie)

ZombiePie wrote a 20-page blog on how the third disc of Final Fantasy IX almost killed him. Feel free to read the ramblings of a madman if you dare.

Join The Discussion

Once and for all, where do you stand?
Once and for all, where do you stand?

The Mass Effect Franchise Poll And Pre-Andromeda Discussion Thread (By: @spaceinsomniac)

Before the next chapter in Mass Effect comes out, Mass Effect: Andromeda, feel free to participate in this community poll about your final thoughts on the original trilogy.

New Nioh Demo Impressions Sharing Thread (By: @memonk)

Nioh unleashed a new visceral demo/trial full of samurai and yokai action. Talk about your impressions of it, especially regarding its difficulty, over here.

The Verdict in 2017 - Mario Sunshine (By: @liquiddragon)

It has been a divisive point of contention between the staff, but where do you rank and rate Super Mario Sunshine? Participate in this poll to throw in your lot.

XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Discussion Thread (By: @zevvion)

The Long War 2 mod for XCOM 2 is out now! How have the extra mission types and a new world map been treating you?

The Backlog Game You're Definitely Going To Finally Get To, For Real This Time (By: @joe_mccallister)

Is this the best or worst thing to happen to Mario? You tell me!
Is this the best or worst thing to happen to Mario? You tell me!

During the doldrums of January to March, which game in your backlog do you especially wish to play and complete? Feel free to share the targets on your backlog you really want to get rid of.

Lovable Lists

GOTY 2014 (Adjusted) (By: @mento)

The master of lists, Mento, "re-ranked" his 2014 GOTY list. Trust me, it makes more sense after you check it out.

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