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The Community Spotlight - 02/25/2017

You better check out this Spotlight while you can. The way March is shaping up, soon you aren't gonna have time to do anything other than play games.

Thank you Drew.
Thank you Drew.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and as always I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week! Now all the positivity in the world cannot change a recent announcement which many users have been gutted about. This week will be Drew's last as an employee at Giant Bomb. There is no denying the moments of hilarity and joy Drew has provided everyone on Giant Bomb, myself included. While the announcement is certainly sad, we can all agree to wish Drew the best in his future endeavors. The man could reasonably announce he is going to the Moon, and we would all believe him. Here's a few other things worth noting.

Community Activities

Stormblood - Giant Bomb Free Company Thread (By: @snakelinksonic)

We have a "Free Company" for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood you can learn about joining! Have fun with your multiplayer based nightmare fuel!

You are in for some CRAZY ADVENTURES if you join our Final Fantasy XIV Company!
You are in for some CRAZY ADVENTURES if you join our Final Fantasy XIV Company!

Clips Of The Week

The Giant Bombcast Animated (Kinda) - Chronic The Hedgehog (By: @samcb)

After a six-month hiatus samcb is back with another HILARIOUS batch of animated Bombcast/Beastcast video clips. Interestingly enough, both clips feature the East and West podcasts discussing Sonic and marijuana.

Giant Bomb Galleria

Night In The Bomb (By: @humanity)

After falling in love with the pairing of Vinny and Alex during the Night in the Woods Quick Look, Humanity felt inspired to create this work of art!

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Drew Scanlon - Going Solo (By: @hns)

HNS paid tribute to Drew the only way he knew... through questionable works of photoshop! This "book cover" is still impressive regardless.

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La Li Drew Le Lo Land (By: @fobwashed)

You can always count on Steve/Fobwashed to whip up a hilarious poster featuring the staff in compromising positions. This, is no different.

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Giant Bomb - It's A Video Game Website (By: @b0nd07)

After a slight hiatus, B0nd07 is back in the Giant Bomb themed banner making game! Here's his colorful take on Giant Bomb's "original motto."

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Best Of Blogs

Spin off games usually receive impassioned pleas from video game fans.
Spin off games usually receive impassioned pleas from video game fans.

Why You Should Give Halo Wars 2 A Chance (By: @jcracken)

jcracken has written an emotional plea on why you should give Halo Wars 2 "a shot" even if you dislike Halo or RTSs in general.

Why I Won't Be Finishing... The Witness (By: @dinoracha)

Dinoracha is walking away from and giving up on The Witness. Read what factored into his decision to not see the game to its conclusion.

Why Virtual Console Matters (To Me) (By: @bigsocrates)

BigSocrates explains why the Nintendo Switch launching without Virtual Console support is personally a major disappointment.

Efficiently Packaged, Low Cost, And High Calorie. Amalur Is The Fast Food Joint Of Fantasy RPGs (By: @marokai)

Marokai uses his latest blog to articulate why he thinks Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the "Taco Bell of fantasy RPGs."

This guy is a jackass! Just putting that out there.
This guy is a jackass! Just putting that out there.

Why Do We Play Games? (By: @pauljeremiah)

pauljeremiah welcomes you in joining his conversation on why we play video games as a hobby, and how we were introduced to them many years ago.

Fighting Final Fantasy IX Part 115-137: WHELP... That's One Way To End A Story (By: @zombiepie)

Are you interesting in reading a 23-page dissertation on the ups and downs of Final Fantasy IX's ending? Of course you don't, you are a decent human being!

Join The Discussion

I like it when subtitles are on the first screen in the options menu.
I like it when subtitles are on the first screen in the options menu.

Where Does The Subtitle Option Belong? [Poll And Discussion Thread] (By: @liquiddragon)

It is a debate which has raged for what seems like an eon. Where does the subtitle option in games belong? Settle the issue by voting NOW!

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta Discussion Thread (By: @gtb08)

Have you tinkered around with the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta? Feel free to share your impressions of what you played over here!

Can Someone Explain Unboxing Videos? (By: @holycrapitsadam)

What is the appeal of "Unboxing Videos?" Join our community discussion about their hypnotic draw and why everyone seems to be making them nowadays.

Have any fun with the Wildlands beta?
Have any fun with the Wildlands beta?

Have You Ever Spent Hundreds Of Hours Playing A Game You Didn't Really Enjoy? (By: @paulmako)

The question sounds simple enough, but have you ever sunk in a massive amount of time into a game you actively despised? Personally, I have never done this. It's not like I have played three entries in a JRPG series at the risk of ruining my mental faculties.

Broken Crowdfunding Promises Vs. The Realities Of Game Development (Torment: Tides Of Numenera) (By: @arbitrarywater)

Join our debate regarding the brouhaha surrounding Torment: Tides Of Numenera and the realities of game development for crowdfunded games.

What's Your All-Time Favorite FPS Campaign? (By: @liquiddragon)

Oh what should have been....
Oh what should have been....

Whether it be an oldie like Doom or a recent release... like Doom, what's your all time favorite FPS campaign? Join our friendly debate an games from the genre which blended their gameplay and story.

What's The Most Underrated Multiplayer Game Of All Time? (By: @jec03)

What are some multiplayer games you feel few people talk about or appreciate? Share the "underrated" multiplayer games you think deserve more recognition.

Lovable Lists

Crowd Brawlers (Or Games Like The Dynasty Warriors Series) (By: @capt_blakhelm)

Capt_Blakhelm is working on a list of crowd brawlers which he defines as being games similar to Gauntlet or Dynasty Warriors. So, help him out with more examples!

Useful User Reviews

Wonderful Wikis

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Our wiki page for Breath of the Wild is MASSIVE and something to write home about! Check it out and learn every possible detail about the game!