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The Community Spotlight - 04/04/2015

ZombiePie has a hot, new helping of community highlights for y'all from the past week.

Special Thanks to BTNS for the Banner This Week!
Special Thanks to BTNS for the Banner This Week!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, and I am honored to be your host once again! As all of you will quickly discover I took to heart a lot of the input that many of you provided about improving the format and readability of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. As always please continue to provide more advice as this is a feature for YOU and always has been.

Anyways in terms of the housekeeping for the site there are a few items worth going over. Firstly Dan is selling a signed "Waluigi #1" sign from Wrestlemania with all of the proceeds going to charity over here. Friend of the site Dave Lang wants to inform any Giant Bomb users that did NOT receive your Extra-Life rewards from Iron Galaxies to drop a comment over here. The engineers have located the problem behind the CSRF Token errors! It all traced back to the spam attacks earlier this and last week, and a fix has been deployed. Speaking of the spambot problem @edgework would like to inform you that the anti-spam measures that he designed sometimes target regular users. If this happens to you please refer to this guide, and DO NOT create an alternate account as a remedy. all really need to check out the site that @marinocreated.

Clip(s) of the Week

The first clip comes from BTNS from YouTube/Tumblr who has been using the Giant Bomb Quick Look intro to sharpen his animation chops. Check out his best attempt at animating the intro below! The second "clip" is a fairly amazing animated .gif from @fobwashed and showcases his attempt to cross Dan's love for all things Waluigi and Metal Gear Scanlon. Fobwashed also created a wonderfully hilarious clip featuring Drew's bafflement with MGS3's Fury boss battle.

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The Giant Bomb Weekly Gallery

As some of you may recall last Sunday was Wrestlemania, and for those of you that did NOT watch the event our very own Dan perpetrated an invasion of the event by promoting his doofy face, Air Force Gator, as well as his pro-Waluigi propaganda. Don't believe me? Well here's the proof:

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Go Giant Bomb Community, Go?

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@aurahack Making Art for All of the Pax-Maniacs
@aurahack Making Art for All of the Pax-Maniacs

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Wonderful Wikis

This week we are honoring the continually awesome work that @mento makes to improve the wiki pages to numerous Japanese only games that few of you have ever heard about. Might I also provide a friendly reminder that this is all part of his latest Wiki Project that you can read on his latest blog, and that you are all capable of similar feats as well!

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