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The Community Spotlight - 06/25/2016

As the wasteland of Los Angeles fades into the rear view, we drive forward into the relentless inferno that is Summer games season.

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. To say that the week was dour in tone is a massive understatement. With last Friday marking the final day in which Austin would function as a member of the Giant Bomb team many users expressed their thanks for the man this week. It goes without saying that we are all grateful for his time and contributions with this community. For that, we are all eternally grateful to him. With that let us move onto the site housekeeping from this week.

Clip(s) of the Week

Giant Bomb Animated (Kinda) - Drama and Curry (By: AgnosticSalmon)

AgnosticSalmon has animated Austin’s “dramatic” reading of some Stellaris beef during the Beastcast. It is as wonderful as you might expect.

Giant Beastcast "Animated" - MINIONS! (By: @auzurafi)

auzurafi was able to animate the Giant Beastcast's hilarious conversation about Minions! Re-live the hilarity and give him input on how to make his animated clips better in the future!

Giant Bomb: Austin Walker Farewell (By: @kevslider)

Giant Bomb user KevSlider created this funny tribute video of Austin's funniest on-camera moments, and yes that does include him breaking into a groove.

Best of Giant Bomb's Persona 4 Endurance Run--09 (Parts 095 to 100) (By: @clagnaught)

Once again many thanks are in store for clagnaught for taking the time to compile another batch of hilarious moments from Giant Bomb classic Endurance Run for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4!

Giant Bomb Roundabout Videos (By: Numerous)

Holy CRAP! This week I must have seen about a dozen different Giant Bomb themed Roundabout videos. Instead of compiling all of them I link the best two that I saw right here:

Giant Bomb Galleria of Art

BANNER - Austin Walker Tribute (By: keithstack)

Austin's final week, as well as the latest Beastcast, inspired keithstack to create this work of art in tribute to Professa Killah.

Goodbye Space Cowboy (By: @grayfoxbr)

grayfoxbr says "see you space cowboy..." to Austin with this fun little photoshop work.

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GB Crew For A Party Game! (Art) (By: @secretcat)

secretcat felt inspired to create this pixel art banner featuring the Giant Bomb staff, Austin included.

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Persona 4 Portrait for Jeff Bakalar (By: @supernormalstep)

Art prodigy SupernormalStep has finally created Persona 4 portraits for everyone's favorite grumpy dad, Jeff Bakalar.

Community Activities

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 July 3-9th (By: @demoskinos)

Summer Games Done Quick is drawing NIGH! That means that our community group is back to help raise money for the charity drive! Learn how you can help the effort by clicking the link above!

Best of Blogs

It seems like E3 was yesterday.
It seems like E3 was yesterday.

E3 2016 – Sony Fan Service Vs. Microsoft's Bold Future (By: @joe_mccallister)

Joe_McCallister shares his impressions of Microsoft's and Sony's E3 press conferences and which of the two resonated with him the most.

(Un)Comfortably Numb: Thoughts on Depression Quest &Until Dawn Finds Horror in Conflicting Priorities (By: @darth_navster)

Darth_Navster comments on the numbing feeling thatDepression Quest gave him which miraculously motivated him to see the game through to the very end. Earlier this week Darth_Navster also shared why he appreciated Until Dawn's use of characters with conflicting priorities.

My Favorite Games From E3 2016 (By: @ethanblows)

Again, it goes without saying how thankful we should all be for Austin's work over the years
Again, it goes without saying how thankful we should all be for Austin's work over the years

ethanblows comments on the big and small games from E3 2016 he is most excited for on his latest blog over here.

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 2012 (By: @riostarwind)

riostarwind's retrospective on the years of gaming he has lived through, and enjoyed, continues with an examination of 2012.

Metroid and Me, Part 1: In the Beginning (By: @majormitch)

MajorMitch is starting a retrospective blog on the Metroid franchise, and how various entries have deeply resonated with him.

A "See Ya" to Austin Walker (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 uses his latest blog to highlight why he greatly appreciated Austin's contributions and opinions on Giant Bomb on this heartfelt and touching blog post.

This is NOT the Scorpio you are looking for!
This is NOT the Scorpio you are looking for!

Personal E3 Wrap Up (By: @asmo917)

Asmo917 wraps up the last week with a comprehensive look at what he thought were the biggest highlights from E3 2016.

How Will Scorpio And Neo Affect The Console Industry? (By: @kamui)

Kamui questions the positive and negative impacts that the Scorpio and Neo could have on the games industry.

Snooze Button: Dreamfall Chapters: Book 4: Revelations + Book 5: Redux & Sunday Summaries 19/06/2016 (By: @mento)

Mento completed his in-depth look at the episodic Dreamfall Chapters, continuing from his coverage last month, as well as his usual end-of-the-week summary of his wiki work and played games.

Join the Discussion

Steam Summer Sale 2016 Discussion Thread (By: @poveren)

Are you all ready?
Are you all ready?

The looming behemoth that is the 2016 Summer Steam Sale is finally here. Comment on the deals that you have snapped up, as well as any deals you think others may have overlooked.

Steam Sale's Past List of Shame (By: @bigsteve33)

Speaking of the Steam Summer Sale, do you still have a smattering of games that you bought from previous sales that have gone unplayed? Share your "pile of shame," from previous fire sales over here!

Oculus Summer Sale - Virtual Deals (Ends July 5th) (By: @themanwithnoplan)

Steam isn't the only service that is celebrating a massive summer fire sale. The Oculus Rift has a myriad of its games heavily discounted until July 5th, and you can see what they are on this incredibly helpful thread.

You can join our discussion for this game NOW!
You can join our discussion for this game NOW!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter Discussion Thread (By: @belegorm)

Bloodstained already has a playable demo for Kickstarter backers! If you are one of them feel free to share your impressions with it over here!

What 2016 Releases Are You Looking Forward To? (By: @wallee321)

Now that E3 2016 is over what are the impending game releases that you are most excited about for this year?

How Do We All Feel About The Lack Of Historical Accuracy In Battlefield 1? (By: @mrfizzy)

Is Battlefield 1's lack of historical accuracy an asset or hindrance to your enjoyment of it? Feel free to share your take with the rest of the community!

Neo Tokyo Rocket League Update Discussion Thread (By: @dudeglove)

What horrible creations have you seen in Drawful 2?
What horrible creations have you seen in Drawful 2?

What are your thoughts related to the Neo Tokyo update for Rocket League? Whether it be positive or negative you are welcomed to share your impression of it here.

Drawful 2 Discussion Thread (By: @bwheeeler)

Drawful 2 is out for everyone's enjoyment! How has the game and its community been treating you?

Lovable Lists

If you don't want
If you don't want "Freedom Fighters 2," then you don't want fun!

Games That Need a Sequel, or Games That Needs Another One (By: @monkeyking1969)

We all can probably think of games that warrant a sequel or reboot, so running with that concept MonkeyKing1969 created this list of the nine games he would love to revisit.

E3 2016 Most Anticipated (By: @elyk247)

Elyk247 couldn't limit himself to just ten, so instead he created a list of twelve games from E3 2016 he's excited about.

E3 2016 Hype Train Deliveries (By: @theht)

TheHT took the time to create this list of ten games from E3 that he suspects won't let him down when they finally release.

Useful User Reviews

But it seems like such a great idea on paper....
But it seems like such a great idea on paper....

Wonderful Wikis

What could have been....
What could have been....

Mighty No. 9

It's the crap-show that everyone is talking about! Learn more about what exactly happened to the game's Kickstarter on our wiki page

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Is this a marriage of bliss or a heaping trash fire? Learn more about the pleasurable oddity of the week, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, on our wiki page.