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The Community Spotlight - 07/25/2015

What a weird, wild week we've had here on Giant Bomb. Who knew that our minds and hearts could be so enraptured by British FMV and...shooting anime girls?

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, and as always I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host. So, first thing right off the bat we have a number of Giant Bomb birthdays worth recognizing. On Saturday, Austin celebrated his birthday, and Brad celebrated his last Monday. The final birthday worth celebrating was Giant Bomb's seventh anniversary! +250,000 Forums, +5,000 pages of topics, and +46,000 game pages later… here we are!

PAX Prime is coming up and the Giant Bomb team have reserved a nice place for Giant Bomb users to hang Thursday night (PAX Eve), BUT you have to RSVP and be over twenty-one to join.

There's also a job opening at CBSi for a web developer position.

Finally, there were a couple of kerfuffles regarding podcast streaming Apps for Android and iOS users. The engineers are having major issues with BeyondPod on the Android, and considered blocking use of the app. After talking with the developer the engineers have decided to hold off of blocking the app...for now. Then it was discovered that the PlayerFM app made everyone's username and password publicly visible in plain text. That problem has been rectified, but if you at any point used the app RESET YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY! With this all aside, let's get on with the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight!

Clip of the Week

It was an awesome but weird week when it came to Giant Bomb and Contradiction this week. The weirdness started when the creators of Contradiction created a thread thanking the Giant Bomb for supporting the game. This thread then resulted in “Jenks” and “Emma” from Contradiction creating Giant Bomb accounts to thank the staff and community, which then resulted in most of the rest of Contradiction's cast joining the Giant Bomb community! As you can see below Anarosa Eizaguirre (a.k.a. “Emma” from Contradiction) published a video thanking the Giant Bomb Community for their support of Contradiction:

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