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The Community Spotlight - 09/22/2018

What game most deserves to be on the PlayStation Classic and why is it Crash Team Racing? Answers to these questions and more in this week's Community Spotlight!

If this image isn't enough to motivate you to donate to Drew's MS Bike page, I don't know what will.
If this image isn't enough to motivate you to donate to Drew's MS Bike page, I don't know what will.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! Things are certainly "heating up" as big video game releases loom closer and closer. Even with these big games right around the corner, the Giant Bomb staff and community were doing amazing things this week! For example, there are TWO charity fundraisers for you to support this week. Speaking of which, let's talk about the first of these opportunities!

Extra-Life 2018 - Can't Stop Won't Stop Doing It for the Kids

Join Giant Bomb's team RIGHT NOW!
Join Giant Bomb's team RIGHT NOW!

Just another friendly reminder, Giant Bomb's 2018 Extra-Life charity effort is November 3rd and the team is officially accepting members! Learn how to join over here, and spread the word wherever you are, and see if anyone you know is willing to donate!

Giant Bomb Extra Life Announcement Thread (By: @matt)

Get every possible detail you could possibly need on Matt's Extra-Life thread. Check out the FAQ if you do not understand how to join the team, or how you can help. Feel free to use the thread to link to your donation page!

Giant Bomb Extra Life Team Page

If you know you can join the effort, feel free to add yourself to the team RIGHT NOW! The team has already raised over $3,532, but new members would be greatly appreciated!

Clips Of The Week

Every Time They Roll A "10" in Mario Party Party (By: @jeremym)

To honor ONE YEAR since he made his first Giant Bomb compilation video, JeremyM returned to the party that kicked it all off. So here's every time Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Dan roll a 10 in Mario Party Party!

Every Time They "Every Time They..." (By: Ucantalas)

To commemorate JeremyM's one year anniversary of making fun Giant Bomb compilation videos, over on YouTube Ucantalas created a compilation video of every intro for JeremyM's videos! My head is spinning just from writing that sentence.

Giant Bomb Extra Life 2018. Play Games, Heal Kids! (By: @hamst3r)

Hamst3r is back with an AMAZING promo video promoting Giant Bomb's 2018 Extra-Life team! If you need a flashy video to spread the news about Giant Bomb's team or you joining the effort, feel free to use it.

Community Activities

FIFA 19 Pro Club - PC (By: @bollard)

Calling all FIFA 19 fans! We now have a Giant Bomb community FIFA 19 Pro Club for PC! Learn how you can join the fun using the link above!

Tweets Of The Week

Best Of Blogs

The Murder Slingshot is REAL! What a dumb/cool thing.
The Murder Slingshot is REAL! What a dumb/cool thing.

I Built The Murder Slingshot (By: @bushpusherr)

bushpusherr did the impossible! They created a 3D model of Jeff's "Murder Slingshot" as discussed during the Bombcast back in 2012! Learn how they did it on their blog.

Gaming Memories: Freedom Fighters (By: @majormitch)

Giant Bomb user MajorMitch welcomes you to join them in their retrospective on Freedom Fighters! Read what they thought of the game and share your memories of this classic game from IO Interactive.

A lot of people
A lot of people "LOVE" Freedom Fighters, and MajorMitch welcomes you on their blog.

CPT Update 09/17/2018 (By: @sniffulls)

Giant Bomb user Sniffulls has another Capcom Pro Tour updated ranking! Give it a read and see how the results from the latest SoCal Regionals have impacted everyone's rankings.

TrueSkill: How Halo 5 Matches Players (By: @gamer_152)

Gamer_152 wrote about how the matchmaking in Halo 5: Guardians operates. If you ever wanted an exhaustive breakdown of what the "TrueSkill" stat means, or what its latest update translate to give this blog a read.

Saturday Summaries 2018-09-22: Saves Takes Edition (By: @mento)

Mento takes on save states and how they help to make older games accessible to modern audiences. They also discuss weird SNES games, Yoku's Island Express, and some final, final thoughts on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Join The Discussion

How many Square or Kojima titles do you think will be on this thing?
How many Square or Kojima titles do you think will be on this thing?

Playstation Classic - Out December 3rd (By: @glots)

Are any of you excited about the recently announced PlayStation Classic? What concerns do you have about the system specs or controller setup? Join our community discussion.

What Are Your Most Wanted Game(s) For The PS Classic? (By: @mocbucket62)

Speaking of the PS Classic, what are your most wanted game(s) for the PS Classic? What games do you know will be on the platform, but do not look forward to playing? Share and discuss your picks for the much-ballyhooed and hyped nostalgic platform.

Is Marvel's Spider-Man Long Enough? (By: @gtb08)

What do you make of Marvel's Spider-Man's main story length? Is it properly paced or another case of not enough game? The community seems slightly divided over the game's fifteen hour length, but what say you?

I REALLY want some of these to be real videos!
I REALLY want some of these to be real videos!

Temperature of the Room: Are You Getting WWE 2K19 This Year? (By: @redactedprofile)

Calling all WWE fans! Do you plan on picking up WWE 2K19, or have the previous games burned all of your goodwill away? The results of our poll thus far do not paint a pretty picture.

Made-Up Giant Bomb Features (By: @brunothethird)

The Giant Bomb community is having fun on the forums coming up with new staff gimmick playthroughs with equally hilarious titles. Some of the community creations thus far are absolutely hilarious.

What could have been....
What could have been....

Telltale Is Shutting Down (By: @flashflood_29)

What do you make of the recent shuttering of Telltale Games? Of course, feel free to share your best wishes for the employees impacted by this unfortunate turn of events, but did the news surprise you?

PlayStation Now Adds Downloads (By: @rorie)

What do you make of PlayStation Now adding game downloads to the feature? Is this a game changer, or is the service still too limited for mainstream success? Feel free to share your two cents worth over here.

NVIDIA RTX Reviews And Benchmarks Discussion (By: @rorie)

What do you make of the recent flurry of reviews and benchmark tests for the NVIDIA RTX? What advice would you give to someone in the market for a new video card? Join our discussion using the link.

I don't even know what I am looking at.
I don't even know what I am looking at.

Was NIGHTS Into Dreams Really That Bad? (By: @liquiddragon)

A new community discussion thread erupted on the forums debating if NiGHTS into Dreams... was a "good" video game. Join the "interesting" community discussion about Jeff's favorite video game franchise.

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep Discussion Thread (By: @arbitrarywater)

Have any of you given The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep a test try? If you have, feel free to share your positive or negative impressions of the game with the rest of the Giant Bomb community.

Lovable Lists

I can't deny this science!
I can't deny this science!

Ranking of Fighters (By: @splitterguy)

Giant Bomb user Splitterguy tried their hand at scientifically ranking every fighting games they have played! Looking at it, you really cannot argue with their SCIENCE!

Favorite Old Games Of The Year 2018 (By: @audiobusting)

audioBusting played their fair share of "old" games in 2018 and you can see which ones they strongly recommend you check out on their latest list.

Most Anticipated Games for Fall 2018 (By: @dominatehate)

Seriously, Splitterguy's list is guaranteed to make you laugh. Check it out right now!
Seriously, Splitterguy's list is guaranteed to make you laugh. Check it out right now!

Giant Bomb user DominateHate is really excited about five upcoming fall game releases! Find out what they are, and remember to create your own list.

Useful User Reviews

  • @bonbonetti's review of Unravel shares why they greatly enjoyed its art style but struggled to accept its level design and gameplay.