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The Community Spotlight - 10/31/2015

We're in the thick of it now. Blockbusters are dropping left and right. But, make sure to take a break from fist bumping over the next couple weekends to watch some Extra-Life streams.

"Fucking Finally" Indeed! (By: Undercover_Hipster)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host once again! As the bitter cold starts to develop I hope that all of you have fun plans for Halloween! While there's nothing especially spooky about this edition of the Spotlight I do hope that you are able to enjoy it nonetheless. Anyway here is the site-related news worth talking about for this week:

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  • Chloe Price - @foxxfireart sunk in over 800 points into our Chloe Price character page! Check out the new and improved page and give him a round of applause.
  • Flowers - Moderator @gamer_152 tied up our object page for flowers. Please understand that generalized object pages should only feature games that use those objects prominently and as a part of the gameplay.
Dirty Dan Ryckert at All Pro Wrestling.
Dirty Dan Ryckert at All Pro Wrestling.