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The Community Spotlight 2021.04.10

Where my goombas at?

Good night sweet prince.
Good night sweet prince.

Hello and welcome to a very charitable-focused edition of the Giant bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best community offerings from the previous week. Yup, this is the weekend of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! You will find a special section dedicated to the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run, but many thanks to those of you who have donated! As many of you already known, I will be one of MANY participants in the Spring charity drive and if you can, here's a link to my personal donation page. If you cannot donate, please promote and spread news of the event to everyone you know! Also, if you are reading this after the event has ended, don't worry, you can donate to any GBCER participant's page until the end of the year! With all of that in mind, let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run XI Announcement Thread (By: @thatpinguino)

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Giant Bomb Team Donation Page

I'm Playing One Of The Worst Final Fantasy Games Ever Made For Ten Hours... FOR CHARITY! (By: @zombiepie)

PersonZ's Potentially Swole Inducing and Wallet Emptying Endurance Run (By: @personz)

ArbitraryWater's 2021 GB Community Endurance Run Poor Life Choices Plan (By: @arbitrarywater)

IT'S HAPPENING! THIS IS THE WEEK when the Giant Bomb spring-time community charity effort, the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run happens! This year, the event is returning to its previous charity, Pencils of Promise! Pencils of Promise is an educational charity that works to promote literacy and access to clean water in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua. You can read more about the event and some of the people who will be participating! Also, I'm going to link to my donation page as well.

If you are reading this after the charity streams have ended, don't worry, you can still donate until the end of the year!



Many thanks to Pat O'Day on the Giant Bomb Discord for making this "Coach McVin" in response to @VinnyCaravella's beginning bit for the Beastcast!

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Giant Bomb - History of DMX Goomba (By: Jake Lunn)

Giant Bombcast 04/07/2015 - DMX's Recent Legal Issues (By: Myggen Myggen)

In light of DMX's passing, it felt appropriate to remind everyone of one of the funnier recurring bits on the site, "DMX Goomba!" Here are two clips on YouTube highlighting some of the best moments, the first of which documents the first appearances of DMX Goomba on Giant Bomb.


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Star Trek: Legends Community Alliance (By: @bigevil1987)

Are there any users that have checked out Star Trek: Legends on Apple Arcade? If so, here's a link to the community-run alliance in the game! Give it a click to hook up with other GB users!

Monster Hunter Rise Friend Code Sharing Thread (By: @zurv)

How many users out there that are playing Monster Hunter Rise on Switch? If you are, here's a link to the community friend code sharing thread! Post your Friend Code to hook up with other users in the game!

Dedicated Valheim Community Server (By: @orlandodoom)

A handful of users have set up a dedicated server for Valheim! If you are interested in joining the fun, feel free to use the link below to get all of the details on how you can join


COVID-19 Will Inevitably Affect Game Development In Many More Ways Than Just Delays +

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Is So Bad It Makes A Case For Robust Backwards Compatibility +

Outriders' Story Is Messy And Bad And Fits Into The Game Itself Badly (Full Spoilers) (By: @bigsocrates)

This is not the Werewolf game you are looking for....
This is not the Werewolf game you are looking for....

bigsocrates welcomes you to join their discussion on the site about how COVID has impacted game development and what it could mean for small indie devs and large studios. How many years down the road do you think we will still be feeling the effects of the pandemic on game releases? Second, bigsocrates played Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood on a whim and shares why it might go down as one of the worst games of 2021. Finally, bigsocrates wants you to join them in their discussion about Outriders' story and why they think its fits poorly into the game and its world.

Watching The Dota Netflix "Anime" As Someone Who Doesn't Play Dota (By: @daavpuke)

Netflix animes sure are hit or miss.
Netflix animes sure are hit or miss.

Daavpuke just HAD TO KNOW what the Dota anime was like on Netflix, despite not playing Dota! Use the link below to read why they think its clears the low bar of quality set by Netflix's Dragon's Dogma anime!

Storefront Of The Damned: PS1 & PS2 Edition +

Indie Game of the Week 214: Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan (By: @mento)

For those of you still lamenting the closure of the PS3 online store, check out moderator Mento's latest blog on the site. They annotated the 20 PS1 and 20 PS2 games that have only been rereleased on the PS3 digital storefront. Additionally, Mento continues their "Indie Game of the Week" series with a look at Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan and you can read why why they were not super impressed by the 2D action/adventure game.

What's the Greatest Video Game: Kickle Cubicle +

What's the Greatest Video Game: Yakuza Kiwami 2 (By: @imunbeatable80)

I genuinely had never heard of this game until I read imunbeatable80's blog.
I genuinely had never heard of this game until I read imunbeatable80's blog.

imunbeatable80 has a two-for-one deal this week! First, they look at Kickle Cubicle for the latest episode of the "What's the Greatest Video Game" blog series. If, like me, you had never heard of Kickle Cubicle until today, give it a read! Second, they got around to playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 and shares why they enjoyed the game, but would not rank it above Zero.

I Guess I Still Have A PS5 And An RTX 2080 But The Switch Tho? (By: @hunkadunkodon)

Hunkadunkodon has a PC with a 2080 and a PS5 and uses their latest blog on Giant Bomb to share why the Switch is the platform they think about using the most!

Money Troubles: Multiple Currencies in MMOs (By: @gamer_152)

Why do MMOs have so many currencies? How can their monetary systems be improved? And what are the alternatives to them? These are the questions at the center of Gamer_152's blog!

Magic Legends Isn't Very Good (By: @rorie)

It's not every day when you see a staff member post a blog on the site, but I'll take it considering only Rorie is the one likely to talk about or discuss Magic Legends on the site. Unfortunately, they make it seem like the game is not what they were hoping for.

Discussion Threads

RIP DMX (1970-2021) (By: @nickm)

I know you know exactly how this scene sounds like.
I know you know exactly how this scene sounds like.

Join the rest of the Giant Bomb community in mourning the death of DMX, a legendary figure in music that had more than a few "cameos" on Giant Bomb.

MMOs In 2021: What Are You Playing, And Would You Recommend Anyone Start Now? (By: @zimzamfromspace)

As the title suggests, which MMOs are you still playing? Which "always online" or games as a service titles are you still investing time into in 2021? Share your games using the link above!

Hitman 3 - Elusive Targets Thread (April 9th - The Collector) (By: @glots)

It's time to talk about Elusive Targets in a Hitman game again!
It's time to talk about Elusive Targets in a Hitman game again!

The first Elusive Target for Hitman 3 specifically has arrived! Join the rest of the community in sharing tips and tricks as well as success or failure stories with "The Collector!"

What Genre Do You Associate With Different Consoles? (By: @finaldasa)

Here's a really fun discussion thread on the Giant Bomb forums! Which genres do you associate with the consoles you have played or owned when you think about them?

Best Game Of 2021 So Far? (By: @ramone)

It's hard to think, but we are nearing the halfway point of the year. As such, it seem apt to talk about your current GOTY on the site! Which game, whether big or small, is currently in you #1 spot? Are there any future releases you think could match or exceed that?

PAC-MAN 99 Discussion Thread (By: @shades846)

How many Pac-Mans is too many?
How many Pac-Mans is too many?

PAC-MAN 99 has recently launched! Do you think it is a "must play" title on the Switch? How do you feel about how it has utilized the design of Tetris 99 using the core of Pac-Man?

How Do You Feel About Twitch Bounties (Payment For Streaming Certain Games) (By: @topcyclist)

To those of you that are getting a growing amount of your entertainment from streaming, especially Twitch, what do you make about Twitch Bounties? Do you have any moral/ethical objections to streamers getting paid to cover games?

Oddworld: Soulstorm - General Discussion (By: @glots)

This game sure did come out this week.
This game sure did come out this week.

Are there any users out there playing Oddworld: Soulstorm? How is it treating you? Are you happy how it picks up where Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty left off? How does it play compared to the previous Oddworld games?

Deathloop Delay Discussion Thread (By: @bigsocrates)

What is YOUR reaction to the Deathloop delay? Were you excited to get your hands on the game? Do you worry that something might be up regarding the game's PS5 exclusivity and Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda/Arkane?

What's Your Favorite Modern 2D Brawler/Beat-Em-Up? (By: @liquiddragon)

Can you think of any modern brawlers/beat-em-ups that are worth playing? What makes them good modern renditions of the genre? Some community suggestions include Fight'N Rage, Streets of Rage 4, and River City Girls!

User Reviews

Anime werewolf? SIGN ME UP!
Anime werewolf? SIGN ME UP!
  • @yyninja's XCOM: Chimera Squad review on the site shares why the game wasn't able to interest them as someone who loved XCOM 2 due to gameplay flaws and bugs.
  • @vert_vermillion's Gnosia review on Giant Bomb details how it is a single-player version of Werewolf mixed with looping game elements and how that leads to a highly compelling experience!
  • @chlomo bought Hollow on the Nintendo Switch for about £2 and shares on their review of the game why that still feels like a waste of money. Read all about it!


Castlevania: Resurrection

The Tim Curry comparison is on point.
The Tim Curry comparison is on point.

A copy of the E3 1999 demo of Castlevania: Resurrection on Dreamcast has mysteriously surfaced. However, in case you were interested in learning more about the game, we have a shockingly detailed wiki page for the project!