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The Final Hours of The Matrix Online, Live!

Join us tonight for one last evening of dancing, fighting, and dance-fighting in The Matrix Online!

Tonight we'll see EXACTLY how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Tonight we'll see EXACTLY how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Tonight's the night! If you haven't been keeping up, at 11:59PM PST tonight, The Matrix Online will be shutting down forever. No glass slippers, no mice, no pumpkins, just the cold, uncaring, infinite void of MMO death. Vinny and I have been getting to know this MMO and its residents over the past few weeks, and while there's something admittedly crass about coming into an MMO to watch it die, I think I speak for both of us when I say that we've grown rather fond of MxO (that's a nickname, because nicknames are for friends) and we'll be sad to see it go.

Still, we come not to bury The Matrix Online, but to celebrate it! Which is exactly what we'll be doing TONIGHT with a LIVE STREAM of the final hours of The Matrix Online, with the help of the goodly folks at The party starts at 10PM PDT, and will run right up until the very end. (If figuring out what time that is in your time zone is a complex task that somehow eludes you, Let Me Google That For You.) Vinny and I will be here commenting on the action and answering your questions along with a rotating cast of colorful and potentially intoxicated characters in the studio.

You can watch the live stream in the window below, but if you want to join the live chat, from which we'll be haphazardly pulling questions for the Giant Bomb crew, you'll have to head over to the Giant Bomb page. You'll probably have to register a account, if you don't already have one, too.
We'll be recording the last hour for archival purposes, but if you want to see our full broadcast, you need to BE HERE TONIGHT. 10PM TILL MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! If you'd like to know what sort of willfully uninformed faux pas we've committed in The Matrix Online thus far, check out our previous videos of The Matrix Online: Not Like This.

Part 01  

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

UPDATE: The Matrix Online is over! Thanks to all our new friends from the game, and to the 2500+ folks who were with us for the end of the world!