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The Great PSP Conspiracy of 2008

Sony announces a new blue PSP bundle for the release of Madden NFL 09, setting up a PSP color gang war for the ages.

It’s clear now that Sony doesn’t actually want me to own a shiny new PSP. It’s a shame, too, because I really do want one. What’s not to like? It’s got TV-out, which is something I’m obviously going to need once we get around to taking more of our own screens and video for things like reviews and previews.

Plus, it’s time for me to have a fancy new color for my PSP. Ever since the white PSP I bought in Japan got stolen along with the rest of my luggage in Las Vegas, there’s been a PSP-shaped hole in my heart that the old black ones I have haven’t quite been able to fill. How can I be expected to play SNK’s compilation of Neo-Geo classics on such a dingy old handheld?!!?!?

So, a few months ago, I got all excited over the red PSP, which is supposed to ship in a bundle with God of War: Chains of Olympus in June. I’m pretty sure Sony hasn’t confirmed an actual date yet, but GameStop is listing it for June 3. I figured I could keep on using my regular PSP until then, then I’d go all crazy and get the component cables I’d need and be set.

But now, before the red one is even out there, Sony has announced a new blue PSP bundle for August. It’s a Madden NFL 09 bundle that comes with some football-related UMD video, a 1GB Memory Stick, and a download voucher for Beats for $199. Much like the God of War bundle, I don’t really care too much about any of the other stuff in the bundle, I just want the hardware.

But can I put off getting a new PSP until August? Think of all the Skype calls I could be making if I had a new PSP. A lot, right? OK, now I’m just using this space to sell myself on it. After skipping out on the limited MGS4 PS3 bundle this week, I guess I’m sort of on the rebound.

OK, after thinking this through, here is my new plan.

1) Buy a red PSP, because we need a PSP that can spit out images to our capture hardware sooner, rather than later.

2) Just hang onto that one and use it for my own PSP needs.

3) Buy a blue one in August, leave the red one at work.

Problem solved, crisis averted. The blue PSP bundle will hit stores on August 12.
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