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The Infinite Lives of Metal Slug

Rocket Laouncher!

As the owner of multiple Metal Slug arcade cartridges, I feel comfortable saying that I'm a pretty big fan of SNK's tongue-in-cheek side-scrolling shooter, yet I find the fact that they continue producing new iterations of this series totally inexplicable. The classic arcade games that were the original target of Metal Slug's satire have long since fallen by the wayside, and yet SNK continues to crank out these goofy 2D titles like it was 1996. When the parody outlives the source material, does that just make it the new status quo? Is there someone out there working on a Metal Slug parody?

My freshman philosophy aside, the veejays over at MTV Multiplayer have some exclusive screenshots of Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS. As much as I love me some Metal Slug, it's being developed by Ignition Entertainment, which has been handling the Metal Slug series since it started getting kinda bland, so I'm doing my best to manage expectations.