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The Last Guardian Dated For Holiday 2011

Team ICO's third game will see a release in North America late next year. Also, new trailer.

Team ICO had a little more to share with the world after confirming the long-rumored bundle for the HD re-releases of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in North America, Europe, and Japan. Specifically, it had another game release date to share for its third project, The Last Guardian, which will ship to retailers holiday 2011.

The announcement came alongside some new and stimulating footage of the game, which you can take a gander at just below. According to a recent PS blog post, some of the scenes in the trailer are taken from actual gameplay, and as you'd suspect, this means that a lot of the video revolves around "Toriko," the large cat-bird-creature thing that The Last Guardian's young boy will interact with on a regular basis. 

== TEASER ==Unfortunately, much is still unknown about The Last Guardian, and this latest footage isn't exactly the greatest a learning tools despite its behind-the-scenes opening. What can be gleaned, though, is the fact that Toriko won't be a perfect pet. Even though a bond will be forged between it and the boy, the creature won't always obey his will. Hmm, that sounds familiar, doesn't it, Yorda?