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The Last Guardian Hasn't Disappeared, Says Sony

No update on when we'll see it again, but it's still in development.

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Getting an update on The Last Guardian at E3 this year seemed like a long shot, and the seemingly troubled Team Ico project was ultimately nowhere to be seen.

I chatted with the head of PlayStation worldwide development Shuhei Yoshida this afternoon, who remained coy on the game's status.

"Yeah, yeah," he said. "We have the team working hard, and still it's not the right time to give people an update."

Team Ico's creative leader, Fumito Ueda, left Sony earlier this year, but is reportedly still working with Sony to finish development on The Last Guardian. There have been no updates since Ueda left, leaving fans worried.

Yoshida assured me it absolutely was a project Sony intended to release eventually, though.

"It has to!" he laughed. "It will be."

Until then, we wait.

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