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The Next Unreal Tournament's Starting Development Today

Epic Games is quite literally starting from scratch with its latest competitive shooter.

All hail Facing Worlds!

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That's all I can think about with the news that Epic Games is making a new Unreal Tournament game. The developer announced it's writing the first lines of code today, and the game's development will be a collaborative process in the coming months (years?).

"The game will be true to its roots as a competitive FPS," the company said in a blog.

For the moment, it's only being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux.

When it's eventually released, the new Unreal Tournament won't cost anything to play. Epic hopes to make back its money by allowing modders to sell content in a marketplace where the company takes a slice of the profits. It sounds similar to Steam workshop.

The company is going to document the game's development on Twitch, and there's a stream ongoing as this story is being published.

More details on how you can become involved in the development are in this blog post.

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