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The StarCraft II Beta Is Out For Mac

And it actually runs on a regular ol' MacBook. Who knew?

A bit later than expected, the Mac version of the StarCraft II beta has finally dropped today. If you're already in the beta, just go to your account page to download it. If you aren't, uh, I guess you could go preorder the game or something? 
I'm shocked to report that this thing actually runs on my MacBook (late '08 unibody model) with a GeForce 9400M. I wouldn't say it runs well, or that it looks very good, but a fullscreen match against an AI was quite playable at around 30 frames per second. Here is the photographic evidence. Doesn't look great, but hey, that's gaming on a laptop. 

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SO CLOSE TO GOLD TIER ARGH. And just for laughs, here's a shot of the default settings the game recommended to me based on my laptop's specs. 

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Of course, any recent iMac or 15" or 17" MacBook will run this thing at normal pretty and performance levels. Anybody out there in the beta have one of those brand-spanking-new 13" models with the GeForce 340M? I'm curious how well that thing handles this game, and if it's much of an upgrade over my older model. (Come on, give me an excuse to upgrade.)
With StarCraft hitting the Mac and the OSX Steam beta coming soon, does anyone else feel like the Mac may actually become a viable gaming platform in the not-too-distant future?
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